Day 172 – The Smear – Part 2

Word count: 862

“Well? Mick’s voice was like treacle.
“I got his number?” Zoe danced around her hotel room in her bare feet.
She was face-masked up, toe nails drying, hair conditioning and her body moisturized to the max. As she was on the phone to her agent, all she could think of was that this was the life. Out of her five start boutique hotel room was a cityscape that she would never have dreamed of being at her feet. She had waiters on tap, she had room service paid for, she had a stylist coming in the morning, and she could have a masseuse within the hour. It was as if she had stepped into an imaginary world and she was refusing to leave.
In her wardrobe were designer clothes and beautiful, beautiful shoes. Shoes of every kind, colour and style. Gone were the days that she would do anything for herself. There was no more driving around – she had a chauffeur. Doing your own make up? Call up the makeup artist! She had bodyguards at her disposal – it was bliss. She had her own personal entourage and for what?
“So has he contacted you?”
“Not yet, why, should he have?”
“If he’s half the dimwit I think he is, yes!”
“Hey!” Zoe snapped back, “What you saying?”
“No, no, no, sweetheart – I meant any half witted twit would text you immediately!”
“You better,” Zoe lay back down on her soft, comfy bed and let the cool draft from the air conditioning blew over her body, “So what now?”
“I think you best text him. He is probably in shell shock.”
Zoe giggled. “Ok then.”
She hung up and turned over on her front, feet in the air and pondering what to send the poor innocent boy. After a moment’s thought she decided to write something quite casual. Anything too sexual or too direct would be intimidating. She had dated shy boys before so this was not new territory for her. However, they were rich, shy boys and not minimum wage part time workers from some grotty little mall that probably did not wash every day.
That, in effect, was the only part of Mick’s plan that she did not like. Having already met this boy once, she knew that he was not attractive in anyway. Knowing what was to come did not make her excited; but knowing what the final outcome would be, did.
Hey Boy 😉
She texted him. No kisses this time, let the suspense build first.
Outside her hotel room was a bit of a raucous. She got up and peered out the window to the plaza below and saw a stampede of journalists firing their flash photography at some poor girl. Zoe suspected it was the singer, Ella T, as Mick told her to try and hang out with her as they would be staying in the same hotel in London. Ella T, from Zoe’s bird’s eye view, was not appearing to enjoy the attention as she was steered off into a four by four. Three or four of the paparazzi chased after the car.
“Lucky girl,” Zoe sighed, wishing for a similar reception when she would leave.
Zoe was still new on the celebrity scene. People knew of her; people spoke about her and wrote about her newspaper and magazine columns. At only being known for six months, she was still new to all this. It was not until recently that she was able to afford these shiny hotels and afford the luxuries that they offered. Fortunately, in the last few months, she had sold a number of incriminating stories in order to buoyant her bank balance. Now that the television crews were interested, she was sure to be a success.
Her phone vibrated.
Hi. How are you?
The boy was scared stiff. Zoe grew excited that she had someone to play with; like a cat with a mouse.
What’s your name, boy? 😉
A moment later: Danny. I know yours of course. Haha.
Zoe giggled to herself as she remembered the plan that Mick told her to follow.
What are you up to, boy?
Watching TV. You?
Hanging out in my hotel room in Covent Garden. Bit lonely.
Zoe fidgeted over his lack of reply to her last text. Had she said something wrong? Was she going to have to tell Mick that the plan was going wrong this early on? She stepped into the bathroom and removed her face mask and dried her hair. By the time she had done all that, he had still not replied.
She held her phone in front of her and read back through the text conversation. He seemed to be responding well. Maybe he got cold feet? But the time had passed to think about that. Her phone-diary alerted her to an appointment that she had made with Mick earlier.
Pulling down her bathroom to her hips and tightening it so that it would not budge, she waltzed to the room door, thrusting her hips in practice for what she was about to do. Tomorrow, everyone would not only know her face, but most of everything else as well….

~ by S.G. Mark on March 27, 2012.

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