Day 174 – Half Hour Hitman – Part 9

Word count: 846

Andy was alone in the room, frozen and shivering as if he were exposed to a blizzard. It had been snowing outside, apparently, though Andy could not see from where he was. Winter had properly set in now. There would be a light dusting of snow on the road, perhaps it would even last until the next morning. Whenever he visited his Aunt and Uncle in the country during the winter, he used to race outside at five in the morning just to play in the snow before the sun rose. It was magical to him – every snowflake was a building block to a castle, a snowman, a snowball fight, a snow angel, a sledging adventure – anything at all. Even at his age now, he would go out and play.

His captor had vanished upstairs to get him a blanket. It being cold, he was coming down with some illness and had been constantly shivering all day. Andy still was not sure of this man. Though he claimed not to want to kill him, from the conversation he just overheard, it seemed that he merely was not being paid enough to kill him.

Andy was lost. Still without any idea of where he was, he did not even know what day it was. New Year had passed, apparently. It was January now, a new month and a new year. As he had done every day, his thoughts fell to his parents. Were they looking for him? Were the police scouring some scummy canal for his dead body? Had they just written him off as a runaway who clearly didn’t want to be found? Every day these thoughts stimulated his brain. There was no way of answering them, but as there was no chance of escape, there was little else he could do to keep his brain from shutting down with boredom.

From behind there was a creaking and a cold rush of air swept passed his cheek. From where he was sitting he was not able to turn around, too tight was he tied to the chair. At first he believed it to be just his captor, but his suspicions soon grew when he questioned why he would be crawling in through a window.

“Who’s there?” he said, hoping and praying it would be someone in a uniform come to rescue him. “Please, help, untie me – please!”
But there was no response save the soft footsteps creeping up behind him.
“Please, I’m being held here, please he’s going to kill me, can you untie me?” Andy’s voice grew panicky, surely this was someone here to help?

Something solid and cold touched the back of his neck. It sent a chill down his spine that marshaled every muscle to attention.
“Don’t move,” a deep voice said.
The breath from Andy’s lungs was shriveled into inexistence. He could not move even if he wanted to – every nerve in his body seemed dead.
“Tell the Half Hour Hitman that he is neglecting his obligations,” the voice spoke slowly and clearly. “Tell him those obligations need met by tomorrow at the latest.”
“Yes-yes-yes,” he inhaled quickly.
“Then tell him there could be some information on you I have for him,” the voice continued.
“M-m-me? W-what about m-me?”
The body vanished with the voice as a cold breeze kissed his cheeks once more. He waited a moment, still recovering from what had just happened. He tried to breathe, but he couldn’t. He felt the air in his lungs being sucked out by fear. What was going on that he played such an important part in? What was his captor waiting for?
“Help! Help! Help!” he screamed as loud as his throat would allow.
Moments later he heard the man thundering down the stairs and came flying into the room.
“Someone! Somone help! Someone was here! Someone was here!”
The man dived down towards Andy and checked him over.
“Are you alright, are you hurt?”
Andy shook his head, shaking with fear.
“They were – they came out of nowhere, they were just… just there and they put a gun to my head…”
“A gun? Jeez. They didn’t hurt you thought, right? They weren’t here for you?”
“They knew who I was, they knew who I was!”
“What did they say?”
Andy was freaking out.
“What did they say?”
“They told me to tell you something…”
“Tell me what? Tell me everything they said – don’t miss anything out.”
The man looked as scared as Andy was. Andy stopped and looked him dead in the eye, containing his fear and channeling it through his irises.
“He told me you had obligations. Obligations that must be met by tomorrow.”
“Shit, shit, shit! I knew they’d find out!”
“He said he had information on me.”
“On you? But… then everyone knows.”
The man looked properly frightened now.
“We have to go, we have to go now.”
“Go? Go where?”
“Never you mind. We have to leave. It isn’t safe here anymore.”
Andy’s heart beat thudded inside his ribcage. If before was safe, what wasn’t?

~ by S.G. Mark on March 29, 2012.

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