Day 178 – Betrayal in the Skies – Part 1

Inspired by Jonny Leigh’s dream last night.

Word count: 820

Calm. The pandemonium of the airport queues, kiosks, check-ins, check-outs, security, on-boarding and departure lounges was over. At least for the next hour and a half.
Jonny had grabbed a seat to the far back of the plane, where he judge it to be normally quite quiet. Today there were no screaming children on board. It was a mid-week flight, thankfully. He was heading back down to London from a quick conference up in Edinburgh. It was only an overnight stay and hardly worth his time. He had just relaxed and swooned around in a five star company-paid hotel room necking back at the free-bar and mingling with businessmen he never thought he’d ever have the time for.
But for now, that was all a thing of the past. Within the next three hours he would be home. He need only overcome the hurdle of the plane journey, security at City Airport, the Tube, the half a billion fellow commuters and the final bus ride home to his flat in Ealing. Sitting back in the plane, he just realised that he would be traversing London and he suddenly got a twinge of fear. Why had the company not just booked for the Heathrow flight, it would have made life so much easier for him? Jonny guessed that this flight was cheaper. It certainly looked it, at any rate.
The flight attendants went through the usual drill of health and safety and what might happen in the event of a crash. Jonny sat back and paid the least attention he could give. What would happen in a plane crash is that everyone, including the flight attendants and cabin crew, would be in a blind panic and selfishly dialling their relatives or diving for the last parachute. Eventually, they finished and the plane pulled out on to the runway.
Jonny loved this part. The take off. He would never forget the first time he flew and the exhilaration he felt as the plane pulled into the air and he flew off the face of the earth. Then and every time since he had felt like a bird – as if he had grown wings and it was him flying through the skies.
The plane had not grown any more full than those who had been at the departure gate. Jonny was very, very pleased with this. There were only around eighteen people on this flight, which was a shockingly low number considering the Edinburgh-to-London route was normally very busy. What was more, these people did not appear to be all businessmen. Not that this was particularly unusual – there was the usual array of women going shopping in Oxford Street for a few nights, the odd tourist popping down to London or returning from popping up to Kilt-ville. Jonny simply found it odd that there were not very many men in suits and briefcases; in effect, not very many people like him.

After twenty minutes or so one, one of the flight attendants got up and started walking slowly down the central aisle, speaking to the travellers. She was leaning in and giving them something, a glass perhaps. Jonny was getting very excited – he had had a whole twenty four hours of free stuff, and was keen for it to continue.
When the woman eventually came over to him, she asked, “Would you like something from our complimentary drinks menu?”
Jonny could not contain his pleasure, “Why yes, what is available?”
“Here you go sir,” she handed him a menu of drinks.
“I’ll have a vodka coke, please.”
The woman promptly fetched him one and returned with napkin and a straw.
“Thank you.”
The woman smiled and went back to the front of the plane.
Jonny sipped the refreshing drink. It soothed his temperature. The airplane was stuffy and without much air. The more he drank, the thirstier he seemed to get and within a matter of minutes he had finished it and was in need of another.
Jonny looked up the length of the plane and saw the attendant tending to one of the other travellers. He tried to hail her attention, but found that his arm was asleep – he couldn’t move it. He tried lifting it up with his other hand, but found that the other arm too was immobile.
“Excuse me, I need a little help! Something’s… happening to me…” he said feebly as his vision weakened and his head began to spin.
What was happening to him, why was he feeling as if he were in a rollercoaster? Barely able to move, he tried to get out of his seat, but he fell flat on the floor, sprawling across the central aisle. From the corner of his eyes he could see the flight attendants running towards him, but by the time they reached him, all he could see was a velvety blackness and the far off sounds of a merry-go-round.

~ by S.G. Mark on April 2, 2012.

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