Day 179 – Chameleon

It’s a shitey-shite story, but it’s a story nonetheless!

112 views on the last count – thank you all for my busiest day!!!

Word count: 723

The wine was pouring, the canapés revolving around the rooms on silver platters carried by men and women dressed in smart black suits and dresses; the melody of the room was magnificent. Single, charming men roamed the room with cheeky smiles and flashy ties whilst young and attractive women clung to the centre, twittering away to each other about how great each other looked. As if to a metronome, everyone flicked from group to group, mingling to the music of the party.
There were young ladies dressed from head to toe in labels and designer names; men chatted business to other be-suited men, some wearing sunglasses in an effort to improve the image. There was always a buzz at these shiny, fancy inner-city parties. Frank Warlands was host, as always. New York’s top socialite and outspoken member of the gay community, he was. Throughout the city he was renowned for creating mesmerizing parties and fabulous events. Each and everyone was different; there was something subtly unique about them all. Whether they be held in an art gallery or an old run-down ghetto set for demolition, not a single one of the guests left forgetting a moment of the night.
Tonight’s party was thus-far calm. Everyone was anxious to see what the special surprise Frank was arranging. This party was held in an ordinary hotel. There was no special dress code save labels and fashion designers; the food and drink was high class, but nothing in excess of what Frank delivered as normal. The guest list was top-notch, however; this time he had called in all the favours he had been owed. There were film stars and politicians, top editors and billionaire businessmen. The place was crawling with money.
Jack, therefore, needed to merge in with the crowd. Jack was not a businessman; he was not an actor and he only had about two hundred dollars to his name. Tonight, Jack wore a hired suit he had no intention of returning. He knew no one at the party and he was not invited. But Jack needed to mingle and submerge himself in the party atmosphere. He needed to not be noticed for being there. Hanging near the corner of the room got you noticed.
It was already two hours into the party. Jack had sipped on several glasses of sweet white wine. He was feeling numbly happy, but his focus was still as rock steady as ever. He went through the plan in his head the entire evening; even while talking and making the rounds, he had his eyes on the centre stage where Frank would soon be making his usual mid-party speech.
There was one snag. Frank had not been seen all night and Jack was growing anxious for his host’s whereabouts. Frank nearly always appeared before his speech. Tonight, Frank was all the talk of the party. Where was he, where was his special gift, his unique event?
Jack manoeuvred himself to the middle of the room, eyes drawn magnetically towards the stage. Erupting from the sidelines was an applause. Jack knew the moment was coming. As Frank stepped from out of a side door, waving his hands to his guests in apology for his lateness and adjusting his sunglasses as he stopped in the middle of the stage.

“I’m sorry, kids! Papa’s late!”

Blend in, Jack thought, blend in. The moment had come. He needed to disappear as if he were never there. He needed to ooze a personality that did not exist. Jack Bradley was not here. Theodore Oswald was. And it was Theodore Oswald that was carefully delving into his inner pocket and extracting the loaded handgun.
It had to be done in one, swift movement. He judged the distance, the direct course and knew that he had it. As Frank continued his speech, dropping names like a cloud dropped rain; Jack withdrew the gun from his pocket and fired two shots, directly at Frank’s chest. He saw blood spatter forth from Frank’s wound and knew that the job had been done. Casually he dropped the gun and faltered around like everyone else, panicking at whoever had fired the gun.
It was complete pandemonium. Girls were screaming and running towards the exit. Jack merged with them like a shadow in the night. He had never been there at all.

~ by S.G. Mark on April 3, 2012.

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