Day 180 – Don’t Tell the Bride

Done very, very quickly and basically written because Vicky was watching Don’t Tell the Bride tonight and I saw her status update…..

Easter Egg hunt to organise now!!!!!

Word count: 538

Crap. That was the one word that he could politely use to describe what had happened. Standing at the top of the aisle, two hundred relatives and would-be-in-laws arisen in awe of the bride’s imminent appearance through the church doors, he had just been informed that the last six month’s planning had gone completely wrong. As his best man backed away to his position, mainly as a self-preservation movement in preparation for the groom’s incoming tidal wave of rage and anger, Kyle – the groom – watched in horror as a bright white gown encapsulating his soon-to-be wife burst through the doors like a shining star.
A wedding that had taken two years in savings, six months of fastidious preparations, stressed-out evenings, arguments and money-borrowing, was now on the brink of not happening at all. The situation: there was no photographer; the dress had in actual fact not been paid for and the dress maker wanted it back; the catering company had gone bankrupt and the hotel they were using for a reception was currently in the midst of rubble and firemen from a fire that had broken out the night before. They were the highlights and the main points that had stuck in Kyle’s head. There were other issues, such as the bride’s flowers not being present – Kyle could see an angry twisted look on his wife-to-be’s face because of that.
Tanya was not a forgiving kind of girl, Beautiful, sexy, fun though she may be; she was a stressed out ball of panic and anger that, when pushed over the edge, would be a burning ball of fire that would be completely unstoppable and relentless in her revenge. At present, she had no idea about what was awaiting her on the other side of marital bliss. Kyle knew everything. Could he tell her? Or would it be one last lie on the singleton side of the tracks. Could she forgive him – and more importantly, could her father forgive him? Kyle’s credit card was meant to pay for everything. He was supposed to be the big, strong dependable type: the kind of guy that would never let anyone down. Not only had he let his future wife down, he had let his entire family down – in-law and otherwise.
Tanya was halfway down the aisle now. Her dress was trailing beautifully, as if in a magazine. She looked like a model –her broad smile, suffixed with a “where the feck are my flowers” death look towards Kyle, radiated the room. Kyle’s heart swelled with each step she took forward, knowing that she would soon be his wife… provided that he had the masculinity to shut up for the next half an hour and keep schtum about it all.
Play the ignorance card, his devilish brain was telling him. Own up, it’s not really your fault anyway! Kyle took a good look at Tanya and weighed up his options. She would go nuts either way, but would it be better to tell her now or after? He looked to his best-man for advice, whose eye-level was kept firmly to the floor.
He stole a whisper at him, “What do I do?”
“I don’t know, but just don’t tell the bride now!”

~ by S.G. Mark on April 4, 2012.

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  1. … couldn’t help but smile while reading this one

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