Day 183 – The Girl Who…. Part 6

Six months!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been that long/short (delete as appropriate). Anyone following me for the last few months, let me know if I’ve improved but especially let me know if I haven’t!

Word count: 943

“Open your eyes,” Alice said, mesmerized.
Everywhere was dazzling under a red sky as three suns set on the horizon. Red tinted, green hills rolled on and disappeared into a purple mountain range, snow-capped and magnanimously alien. Alice could do nothing but stand and be awed by this breath-taking landscape. The land was dotted with trees; many of them similar to the ones she was used to but many of them strangely coloured and growing in weird and twisted shapes. Even the sky, again similar, was a foreign substance of red and rippling yellow tufts of thin cloud.

They were standing on the edge of a huge cliff. Peering over the edge, Alice could see a waterfall crashing on to the rocks below, vapour rising up like smoke. It was a stark contrast to the dark, dingy suffocating walls of the cavern they had just left.

Alice tapped Monty on the shoulder. He still had his eyes closed tightly.
“Come on, Monty, open your eyes! It’s… it’s… beautiful.”
“I can’t… I can’t… what if it’s not what it is meant to be?”
“You won’t know until you open your eyes, come on! This is your homeland!”
Monty slowly opened his eyes and, as he did so, his jaw slid open. Stumbling forward in disbelief, he turned on the spot and drank in the view. He seemed speechless. Alice, noticing this, felt a small gathering of worry in her throat. What had he been told of this place and how did it go on to become the barren underwater wasteland they had just departed?

“It’s ground…. It’s actual proper ground…” Monty bounced up and down with excitement. “I can’t believe it… I can’t believe I’m breathing… fresh air… there’s no water?”
Alice grinned at him.
“Look,” he pointed at the purple mountains, “Look over there! Aren’t they just so… beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it… we don’t even have any pictures left of what our world used to be like!”
Monty jumped around the cliff’s edge, dancing with exhilaration.
“How far back in time did we go?” Alice asked.
“Well before you were born,” Monty replied.
“Wow. So this… this is like when we look at the stars and we see their light… but that light is already thousands of millions of years old…. This is that light?”
Monty nodded, “When you look up in the sky in two thousand and whatever, you’ll be looking right back at yourself. This was before even we had evolved.”
Monty peered over the edge, “Wow that’s tall.”
“Why did you go this far back in time?” Why not when your people were around?”
Monty looked further over the edge, pretending not to listen, “A waterfall… fascinating. We have airfalls… well you can guess what they are like….”
“Monty… why did we not go to when your people had evolved….”
Monty withdrew his gaze from the cliff’s edge and sunk solemnly on to a rock. Alice took residence on a smooth boulder herself while she waited for Monty to ponder his answer. A cold wind surrounded them; night was fast settling in.
“Because I’m not sure how I would fit in….” Monty began, carefully, “I’m a half-breed. My genes are not entirely exclusive to the people I belong to and the parts that are visible are the non-native genes. I am not sure how that would go down.”
“How… how much different are you to the others?”
“I’m not sure, to be honest. We don’t have any pictures left of what the pure-breeds looked like. The way I look has taken generations to make.”
“What part of you is… well alien?”
“The insides mainly. My brain is set up differently, my organs and how we breathe. It’s all just differently wired.”
Monty sighed and stole a glance at some far off vista.
“What do we do now, then?” Alice asked, wondering whether or not they would be staying here for much longer.
“Let’s just go back to where we were…” Monty replied, noticeably upset.
Alice did not argue and got up to make her way over to his time travel machine.
Monty got out his contraption and started initiating the sequence.
“Back to where we came from, yeah?”
“The cavern, right?” A slice of fear when through Alice’s heart as she thought he might have meant going back to Earth.
“The cavern,” Monty confirmed, thought there was something in his voice that made Alice believe that he had only just then changed his mind about going back to Earth.
Absorbing one last look at the gorgeous sight before them, they put their hands back on the device and they were sucked back into the void.
Alice’s blood was thumping through her veins, adrenaline thundering through her arteries. The feeling was to die for. All she could see in the blur and mess of the time travel was Monty’s stretched-out frown.
Then, flashing blue light and a dramatic G force. They were both pulled to the left and started spiralling out of control. Faster and faster they were spun around. Alice could just make out Monty’s frightened face: this was not meant to happen. Tossed and thrown about, they were ejected from the sky and smashed against a rock hard surface.
Everything in Alice’s body hurt. Her bones felt bruised if not broken. Checking for blood, she felt the back of her head, but her hand came back clean. Some distance away Monty was already on his feet staring at a great wall that loomed high above them both. Alice scrambled to her feet and stumbled up behind him.
“Alice, we are not meant to be here….”

~ by S.G. Mark on April 7, 2012.

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  1. hanging on to this story now… caught up in it.

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