Day 185 – iBottle

Written in literally ten minutes.. I’m sorry

Word count: 681

Steve Unemployed was teetering on the brink of success. He hung at the edge of the stage. Tonight was his big night. Tonight he would either be made or broken. Years and years of his hard earned cash was plumbed into this project; he did not sleep for days on end just to plough this product to market. It was his pride and joy. It had defined him as a person the last few years. Tonight would be the day he would finally be rewarded.

The arena was busy for the thirteenth annual Innovation Awards. He was a Newbie. He did not know the people who organised it; he was a wild card that they threw in for a bit of a laugh, but there was word on the street that there might be something in this lowly forty year old designer.

Steve had qualified in Team Management when he was in his twenties. Since then he had gone from crap job to crap job, rising slowly up the ranks like a pathetic parasite. All his life he had been good with technology, but he was not sure if he was able to withstand the commercial problems that he might face. After all, he was still the forty-something with a tired wife and a two bedroomed council house. By day he worked at his local supermarket selling fruit and other slight culinary delights. Sometimes he even did a shift or two at the local pub that his brother owned. They were by no means rich. Jessica, his wife, was by no means a money grabber. She was more of a hippy than a office worker. They holidayed in Jamaica some years, but not for the sun.

Steve had invented something special, something unique. It was what everyone in the Western World had been waiting for. No one else had something quite like it. It would sell millions, if any luck. It sort of come to him in a dream. One night he had been sitting under a tree in the summer time drinking some cider, the next he had been away in some fairy-land dreaming of his next invention. Steve was so in to computer it was not imaginable. Within a few weeks he had learned C++ off by heart. He was such a whiz, he amazed his teachers in his night school classes.
But this invention surpassed anything that even the great inventors did. It would change drinking culture; it would change the way people thought of bottles. It was something so fantastic that Steve surprised himself with what he had done.
Holding the very invention in his hands on stage, he was called up to the top of the stage to show off his achievement.
The crowd was hushed as he stepped up and cleared his throat gently. He had never been in front of an audience of this size. He knew that somewhere out there his wife was waiting on his every word, so he focused on her long ginger hair.
“I have invented something that will revolutionise the drinks industry. I have invented….” He got ready to reveal the product, “the iBottle!”
“Complete with Facebook and Twitter Intefaces, the iBottle can access any form of Wireless internet – including the new 4G signal. It can also access all of your usual Social Networking pages as well as deliver up to date email. All you will need to do is unscrew the cap or cork the bottle and it activates your profile according to the openers fingerprint. It will then connect to the nearest open wireless network or 4G network and download the content you desire. You need only drag your finger down the bottle as you please to be able to view your Facebook Friend’s page wherever your bottle may be!”

There was silence in the crowd…. Steve was nervous…. Did they like it?
Then, suddenly, the ground beneath his feet fell apart and he dropped right through the stage and he was never seen again. Well, he thought, it must not have been that good an invention.

~ by S.G. Mark on April 9, 2012.

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