Day 186 – Jupiter’s Children – Part 1

It’s terrible.

Word count:579

Henry bound across the garden towards his father. It was one of those fine afternoons when the light from the sun was reflecting off Jupiter’s surface and the gravity factor was quite low. Pieces of furniture kept rising into the air and needed to be tied down. Henry’s father had spent the entire morning anchoring everything to the floor, including the hover-car and garden shed. Henry, however, had been less productive and had been lunging himself around the back garden pretending he was flying.

It had been fourteen years since Man first set up home on Europa. After a century of planetary heating, the ice caps had finally melted to reveal a vast continent beneath. Henry and his father, a scientist who worked in the observatory nearby, were the first to arrive on the moon. It was all Henry had known. There were a few other children on the moon and Henry went to school with them. They were taught as normal – everything from maths and English to spatial geography and astronomy. In total there were about two thousand inhabitants of the moon and not all of them were scientists. Many farmers, labourers, mechanics and teachers had been brought across as well. A whole new community had been built essentially out of nothing.
The aim of the project was to not only understand more about Jupiter and its many moons, but to experiment on designing a eco system from out of nothing but rock. So far they had been quite successful. The moon had its own farms, its own forests. They were not large by any means, but things were rapidly progressing. Soon the lakes they had created would harbour plant and animal life and more scientists would be brought in to examine how it grew.
It was an exciting time on Europa. After fourteen years things were finally starting to play out as they had planned. But for Henry, he could not say that it had been all great. He had been born on Earth, but had only ever lived on it for three months. His mum had died soon after childbirth after some complications that he knew very little of. His dad, having already been signed on for this job for several years, had no choice but to continue as normal and go without his wife but took Henry. Henry had grown up on this moon. He had known nothing else and yearned for home. Though others had been since born on Europa, he felt he could never connect with them. He felt out of place. A young fifteen year old, he still acted as if he were just an eight year old.

“Henry,” his dad called over to him, “Come here.”
Henry leaped over to his dad, flying on the wings of the lack of gravity.
It had been a few days since he had seen his dad. Lately he had been working so hard that by the time he returned home, Henry was already sleeping. By the time Henry was awake in the morning, his dad was usually gone again.
“I’ve got to tell you something, sit down,” his dad said.
Henry sat cross legged on the ground, “Tell me.”
“I’m going to have to return to Earth. I should be back within a year, but it’s really important that I go home.”
“Cool, when do we leave?” Henry’s mood was elevated.
“I leave by the end of the week. You’ll be staying here….”

~ by S.G. Mark on April 10, 2012.

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  1. Poor Henry, I hope that his Dad changes his mind!!!


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