Day 190 – New Zealand No More

This was last night’s dream, pretty much. Give or take a vast quantity of details. Bugger.

Word count: 654

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not be able to feel your hands?” Tanya mused over her latte she and Liz lay on the freshly mown lawn in their communal back garden.
“Shut up,” Liz said abruptly.
“No – I mean – shut up!”
Tanya twisted round to see Liz pointing excitedly at something in her magazine.
“No way – that can’t be real?”
“What’s not real?”
Liz turned the magazine around so that Tanya could read. There, in the middle of the page, was an advert that seemed quite unbelievable.

Seven Day Trip to New Zealand – £881

    All accommodation, food, travel, activities included.

    “What’s the catch?”
    “We would have to leave tomorrow.”
    Tanya and Liz exchanged a devious look.

    48hrs Later

    “Oh my god, is this – this is it!”
    “We’re here!”
    Tanya and Liz grinned at each other as if it was Christmas morning. They were just outside the airport waiting for their transport to take them to the resort. Tanya was staring at the ground like it was an alien planet. They needed no indication that they were tourists.
    “This is strange… the heat!”
    “I can’t believe it!
    “Here’s our taxi!”
    “I wonder if anyone else is coming to this resort too – we can’t have been the only ones to see the advert!”
    Three hours later they arrived at a cute little arrangement of cabins in some woods. There were already several other people there – mainly about their age as well. Tanya grew even more excited and bounced out of the car when it parked. They were introduced to the manager of the resort and informed of where they were staying.

    “This is your cabin – you’ll be sharing with some of the other guys that have already arrived, but if you’ve got any problems just give me a shout. We’re all really friendly here.”

    The manager, Steve, left them to unpack in a huge cabin with six four poster beds and an arrangement of bunkbeds as well.
    “This… is unbelievable.” Liz squealed.
    Half an hour later they were called out of their cabins to meet the rest of the group.

    “Hello all!” Steve called to the group, “Welcome. Now that you’re all here, might I just take a few moments to not mention the safety rules and inform you to have as much time as you possibly can! Tonight we duel – a re-enactment of one of the battles from Lord of the Rings tonight. Pack lightly – we’ll be out all night!”

    Under the cover of darkness they walked in single file across a field. Liz was busy chatting to some guy behind her and Tanya was gaping at the fantasticness of it all. Less than three days ago she was in her crummy little backgarden sipping a latte to keep warm in the Autumn air. Now it was spring!
    They reached a dry stone wall with a tree in the middle of it. All forty of them gathered around the wall and were ordered to start battling with their fake swords and long sticks. At the end they posed around the wall for a picture. It was perhaps the best day of Tanya’s life.
    The next day they went cycling and saw all sorts of wildlife – then they went rafting in the afternoon and took a picnic for dinner across the bay in a canoe. A gorgeous sunset played to them as they ate on the beach of a tiny island in the centre of the bay.
    “Tanya, Tanya, Tanya,” Liz was shouting at her, even though she was only right beside her… her lips weren’t even moving at the same speed as the voice… it was very –
    Tanya opened her eyes. She was lying in bed, Liz standing over her. It was her own bed. Her own bedroom. The last memory of New Zealand slipped through her brain and Tanya had only one word on her mind, “Bugger.”

    ~ by S.G. Mark on April 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 190 – New Zealand No More”

  1. Mmmmh, dreamed vacations are the best. They’re free ^_^

  2. I had the exact same dream last night! I woke up when someone stood up in the canoe, causing it to tip over. ; )

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