Day 192 – Phantom Pheasant – Part 1

yes, mum. I have been reduced to this.

Word count: 764

Her body dangled over the edge like a ragdoll. Thousands of tiny creatures driving in mechanical contraptions whizzed below with no thought for the danger above. Seagulls flapped their wings and cawed at the scene, doing nothing but simply watching like tourists. The busy street below was as the bottom of a fast flowing river and Maxine was inches away from falling in.
A wild wind wrapped around her body as she clung on to the drainpipe. Above her by just a few feet was the maniacal Professor Slug, the most evil monster that had ever graduated university. He towered over her, the taker of life and lord of the land. He was the legend of nightmares and the creature that lived under your bed. He was the bad man following you home late at night; he was the nasty voice in your head; he was the horrible boss and the one who bullied you at school.
Maxine had been taken in her sleep. She had woken to the sound of a shoot out between the Professor and the cops. The Professor had won. Fifteen men had died today because of her, all for some pathetic stunt to prove this man’s worth. But there was something more sinister; Maxine was not taken for money but as bait. She was the tiny little worm that the fish would catch and as she clutched onto the side of the building for dear life, she felt every inch that squirming worm.

“He won’t come! He told me he doesn’t love me anymore!” she screamed up to the Professor, who glared back at her through his oozing facemask and protruding antenna. His yellow eyes glared with mockery.
“You think I am that naïve? I know this man. I know the Phantom and I will have him today!”
“You won’t! He won’t ever let you win – he won’t! He fights for the good, the justice – the beautiful things in life! You are… you are a disgust to the human race!”
The Professor recoiled at such a term, “I am no human! I am better!”
Indeed, by the appearance and actions of the man Maxine could not disagree.
“He will come, Maxine, because you are his one true love,” he laughed evilly.

He was right, though, Maxine thought. Too long had she been involved in the Phantom’s life that he could not come for her. They were soul mates. He would come and save her as predictably as the sun would rise. Maxine was saddened. Maybe this time the Professor would win, maybe this time he would lose the fight?
The last time she had seen the Phantom, he had been angry with her. He was going to give it all up for her: he almost took off his mask to reveal his true identity. But she had stopped him. She did not need to know who he was, just that he would always be there for her. Maxine was a mess, she could not allow herself to dwell on past mistakes now. The cars below beeped their horns and suddenly reality raced back to the forefront of her mind.
A thud on the roof. Maxine knew what it was. Though she could not see him, she felt his presence in her heart.

“Professor, let Maxine go.”
“Phantom!” Maxine screamed up.
All she could hear above was the slamming of bodies against brick, gun shots and things crashing to the concrete roof. There was no way of telling who was winning, only that no one had won yet. At last all went quite and a hand descended from above her. She grasped it with all her strength and a familiar set of strong arms raised her to safety.
Falling into his feather arms, she hugged him tightly.
“Thank you – again!” she withdrew to look him fully in the eye.
He was still wearing the mask that she had forbade him to take off.
“Are you under there?” she asked.
Her eyes swallowed his whole image now. Every time it took her breath away. The feathers, the beak, the eye mask and the wings: this was simply the man of her dreams. He raised his hand to his mask as if to start to take it off…
“Maxine, please….”
But from the corner of her eye the black shadowy body of The Professor that lay motionless on the roof began to stir and suddenly he was pulling a gun out and pointing it directly at the Phantom’s back….
“Phantom Pheasant – look out!”
The gun banged. They stumbled to the ground.

~ by S.G. Mark on April 16, 2012.

One Response to “Day 192 – Phantom Pheasant – Part 1”

  1. oh Babe can’t wait for part 2 .
    love mum xx

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