Day 196 – Terrapin Waters

This one is the first story written on my new laptop and also has to involve helicopters somehow.

It’s bad. Very bad.

Word count: 562

The arduous battle had raged on long enough. It was time for it to end. Too many killings had been made, too many lifeless bodies laid to rest in mass graves and small patches of ground that were deemed respectfully suitable. For years the war had gone on, needlessly and inhumanely.

It had all started as a small experiment. The scientists had not meant to cause this disaster, this chaos. The serum had meant to cure cancer, not create a monster. It was meant for good, at least that was what Frank’s grandfather had told him. All those years he had spent listening on his grandfather’s knee, he had hung on to every word and every last piece of hope. Those days were long disappeared into the vestiges of Frank’s memories now. His grandfather had died and at twenty years old, he was no longer five years old and eager for stories. He wanted facts, good hard facts.

The helicopters flew over head, another bombing on the coat no doubt. Every week they would order one, but it only made them stronger.
“Energy gives them strength,” his grandfather used to say.
His grandfather had been one of the leading scientists in the venture. He had chaired many meetings on the experiment’s progress and had developed many ideas. But even then he did not have much faith in what they were trying to achieve.

Frank’s grandfather’s words rippled through his head. The time had come for all this to stop, but the politicians were not listening. Frank had tried and exhausted petitions, marches and even strong letters of disapproval to the media, but all to no avail. The time had come for action, immediate action.

For generations now the terrapins had grown in strength. With each set of eggs, they had grown bigger and more ferocious. They were more like dinosaurs than little baby tortoises. They were evil. And Frank had to stop them.

They lived on the beaches this time of year, to prepare for the hatching season. Everyone avoided the sea at this time due to the danger they posed. In the first few years, the number of missing persons at beaches doubled. No one knew why for years, until the files were released to the public. Radioatively tested terrapins.

They had napalmed them, they had tried dynamite. Tanks and the whole marines had come to take them away, but they had all failed. For Frank, failure was not an option.

He had loaded needles, guns, tranquilizers and sellotape. There was no going back where he was concerned. There was no life for him if he could not destroy what his father had failed to do. If he died trying, then at least he would not have to live in a world consumed by the venomous bastards. They would eventually kill humans, they would eat every single one of them and they would dominate the country.

Frank stood on the edge of the cliff and watched the helicopters that had flown over head be slaughtered by the carnivorous tortoises below. With their big strong paws, they reached up and brushed them out of the way as if they were flies. Frank knew there was a long rode ahead, but even if his ammo depleted or his strength failed, he would always have the hope that one day……….. the humans would win.

~ by S.G. Mark on April 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 196 – Terrapin Waters”

  1. When you begin by saying it’s bad, well, that instantly turns it into a ‘must read’ for some unexplainable reason. And it’s not as bad as I expected… carniverous giant terrapins, grandfather’s knee, helicopters… not a loss. I like Frank’s resolve to finally take action! Yeah!

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