Day 203 – The Passenger – Part 7

Word count: 567

Field. Another field.

They had been walking for the better half of an hour through weird crops, the sun grilling them from above. Kate thought she had been annoyed before, but she was soon learning new frontiers of pissed-off-ness. Her feet hurt, she was getting sunburn, she needed a cigarette and most definitely a stiff drink.

“I need a rest!” Kate announced, dropping to sit crossed legged on the ground. The grass towered above her on all sides like skyscapers in a city.

The man stopped in his tracks and looked back at her, not in the least bit surprised.

“There’s no point you know,” he said, “You’re going to complain, then I’m going to say something witty and clever and we’re then both going to keep on going because that’s what was going to happen anyway.”

Kate glowered at him, “How long have I known you, and I hate you already?”

“Are you a good climber?” The man asked.

“Why, where are we going?”

“Oh, no I was just wondering…”

Kate pretended to be more interested in a broken nail.

“Come on Kate, it’s not long now.”

“Why are the police following you?”

The man sighed, “I did a bad thing and now they want to tell me off.”

“Have you killed anyone?”

“Not yet, but the day is young!” The man gritted his teeth.

Relief passed through Kate, even though she knew he could be lying, it was nice to be sucked into the security of the lie. Kate rifled through the possible acts of crime he had committed. Had he stolen, had he beaten someone up? What was this man capable of, when he seemed to be just plain annoying?

The man came over and sat down beside Kate.

“I stole something,” he said, “I took something that wasn’t mine and now the owner wants it back.”

“What is it?”

“A painting. A very expensive one.”
“Where is it?”

“In the barn about three miles back.”

“So why do you need me, to run away?”

The man smiled, “Run away, me?”

Kate glared at him, “You’re so bloody smart aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am,” he grinned.

“How much further then?”

Kate was slowly coming round to the idea that she would not be leaving any time soon.

“And what time is it?” she continued, “I mean it’s not like I have anything or anyone to get back to – please do just take all the time you need with me, but -”


“- but I would quite like some food and to sleep at some point…”



“There’s someone coming,” he mouthed.

Indeed there was. The sound of footsteps rustling through the long grass was not too far away. Their breath was loud and husky. Kate panicked – but not for the fact that someone was sneaking up on them… for the fact that the man looked utterly petrified. Could it be the police creeping up on them, or some drunken farmer with a gun? Kate knew better than it to be something that simple. This was not just some random person; the man had been fine in the car park with the other people around. This was the middle of a vast field; someone knew exactly where they were. Someone wanted to find them… wanted to find him.

The man leant forward and took her hand, “Hold on tight, don’t let go.”

~ by S.G. Mark on April 27, 2012.

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