Day 208 – Willpower (or will.power for people who can tolerate that man)

Word count: 590

Middle of the supermarket, how awkward. Every beady eye, every curious upturned nose, every listening ear and every nigglingly intuitive woman was focused on her. Somehow her body was betraying her; how could it? She had fed it with beautiful offerings of healthy food; bananas, oranges, aubergines and carrots! She had taken it for walks every day, allowed it to do all the things it wanted to do. She had looked after it when it bled, she had protected it when it was sad. Was this really how it was going to repay her?

Elsie was cowering behind the breakfast cereals in the eighth aisle. Perhaps she was being paranoid, but she could have sworn the security guard had passed her three times now. For a whole twenty minutes she was reading the ingredients of a generic cereal packet she didn’t even like. It was a distraction, really. She was not reading anything at all. But the clever plan could not fool everyone forever. Even she herself was starting to give way.

Crossed legs cannot stay crossed indefinitely. Elsie felt there was no other way. There was no possible chance that she could move without the dam bursting. She closed her eyes and winced, think of anything else but this, she repeated to herself, think of anything else but this. She thought about how much she really wanted to buy some canned peas. She liked canned peas, they were much nicer than frozen peas; though she had never tried fresh peas. That would be a new experience. She then contemplated how much her shopping would cost. She had quite a lot in her trolley, perhaps she would not be able to afford it all. She should put some of it back, she thought. She never ate it all anyway.

It was no use! She switched legs and semi crouched to look down at the lower shelf. People were starting to actively stare now. She was sure of it. They would be whispering to themselves, tutting and joking. Elsie was in real agony here, she literally could not move!

Elsie had to get out there. She had to toughen up and fight it. She had to overcome this nonsense. She could do it – she could fight back. It was all in her mind, it was all to do with will power. She could get through it and she would.

Summoning up all the strength she had left in her, she slowly spread her legs apart. Breathing once or twice before moving, she set off down to the store exit, abandoning everything in her trolley. It had to be her own one she used; it had to be at home. It wouldn’t feel as safe otherwise.

Halfway to her car she stopped, crossed her legs severely and prayed. A few shoppers saw what she was doing and threw her dirty looks and avoided her. There was nothing she could do except pray and demand her body behave. It was a short drive to her home anyway, it need only take a minute or two. She promised the deadline to internal organs and they agreed. Marching onwards to the car, she threw herself in and switched the engine on like a lumbering ninja. Three minutes later she was parking at home, her legs tightly closed when driving.

Diving out of the car, she tore in the front door and ran up the stairs and threw herself into the bathroom for what she could only describe as the longest pee in her entire life.

~ by S.G. Mark on May 2, 2012.

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