Day 211 – Anti Freeze

I’m really ill.

Word count: 518

There once was a little girl called Kirsty, who was remarkable in nearly every way. She was the best at maths, a genius at English and knew the laws of physics without being taught it. By the age of four, she knew advanced calculus and by the time she was twelve, she was being recruited by all the major universities for research. Governments wanted her for code breaking. Companies wanted her to increase their profits. Banks ignored her as they believed no one else could sort their mess out.

She had lovely blond hair, with streaks of natural red throughout. She liked tea and cake. She never went swimming or had ever been on a swing. Kirsty liked shoes, but only if they were red. In her spare time she liked to read – from Shakespeare to Newton’s old diaries. For hours every day she would hide away in her bedroom and pretend that she was discovering the world for the first time. She was fascinated by those who had studied before her and hoped to follow in their footsteps as closely as she could. She dreamed of discovering new planets, of walking across new moons and of building the first manned intergalactic spaceship. But she knew none of that would happen in her life time.
In all her short life, at the age of twenty three, she had never been sick or ill. Not one incident of a runny nose, not one day of chicken pox. Scientists researched her immune system, but cropped up nothing. She was unique, but they simply could not work out how. Kirsty did not bother herself about this though, it was who she was and she did not wish to change it. If they wanted to prod and poke her, that was up to them – the end results did not matter to her at all.

And then one day she woke up shivering. It was not cold her in room – as that was set to a satisfactory temperature that had never bothered her in the past. No matter how many layers she put on she could not keep warm. She dove into the shower and turned the heat up to high. Nothing. No change. Hot water after hot water bottle was piled on top of her. Her temperature was going through the roof, but still she could not stop shivering. It was the worst thing she had ever experienced, including her first McDonalds.

For several days this lasted and she had no clue as to what it could be. For a few hours she thought she might be dying, but her heart rate came back fine and the MRI scan was clean. Then, in the earlier hours of the fourth day, she was playing around with some maths formula and came across something utterly splendid. She did not realise how much her work was worth at the time, but she knew that it was at least somewhat big. For you see, it came to be known as Anti-Freeze. The only cure to the common cold and flu. And she was never ill again.

~ by S.G. Mark on May 5, 2012.

One Response to “Day 211 – Anti Freeze”

  1. Caused this film to spring to mind:

    Pi – trepanning to relieve the mind’s expansion!!!!

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