Day 212 – The Assassin

Word count: 580

“Kill him.”
Richard stared down at the photograph that his prospective client had just given him. It was a photograph of a middle-aged man, smiling. He wore glasses.
The two of them were alone in the hotel room. Richard’s client had ordered room service for them, a little wine and some light snacks while they worked out what would happen. Richard did not know the name of his client, as he refused to give it, but he was tall and had a beard. He dressed very well: a sharp suit, designer glasses and gold cufflinks. The hotel room alone would have set him back a few hundred a night.
“Who is he?”
“You don’t need to know.”
“Yes I do,” Richard interrupted, “If I’m to kill him, I’ll need to know his name, where he lives.”
“Philip Martin. His name is Philip Martin and he lives on nine-hundred and forty Westside Plaza.”
“Ok. When do you want it done by?”
“As soon as.”
There was a knock at the door.
“That’ll be the room service.”
Richard’s client let in the waiter. The waiter put the platter and bottle of wine with glasses on the coffee table and promptly left when Richard’s client slipped him several notes of money.
“Please, dig in. I like to make sure my business partners are happy.”
Richard poured himself a glass and grabbed a canapé.
“How much?” Richard’s client said.
“That depends on how much you want him dead.”
“A lot.”
“And the time – if it’s tomorrow, the price goes up. If it’s by the end of the month, I will do you a special deal.”
Richard’s client pondered this offer, “The sooner the better, but it doesn’t need to be tomorrow.”
“Good, because I’m fully booked. It would cost you a lot to squeeze this one in.”
“You have a timetable?”
“Of course. It is as much a job as any other. Why do you want him killed?”
“That’s not any of your business.”
“It just helps, getting to know the client, the target.”
“I thought you were a cold blooded killer, ruthless and trained to phase out emotions?”
Richard shook his head, “No, no – I merely wish to enquire as it sometimes helps me concentrate on the case more. The more deserving the target, the more time I devote into arranging the hit.”
“You really are quite sick,” Richard’s client said, swilling back his wine. “He took something that was mine and he is not giving it back.”
“My wife.”
Richard down the rest of his wine, “I see. Did you know him before he took your wife?”
“Oh dear, I’ve known him all my life. Fool. I should have known better… for you see he is my brother.”
“I see,” Richard nodded, “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this? There is no going back.”
“I know! I have pondered it for months. But it simply cannot be any other way – he must die.”
Richard’s client turned his back and stared out the window, encapsulated by the vista of the city beneath them. It was then that Richard grasped his opportunity. From within his jacket pocket, he withdrew a pistol and silently stepped up to his would-be client.
“It’s funny that, because he said exactly the same thing about you,” Richard spoke softly, “Only he got there first.”
The silencer dealt with the noise damage. Richard wiped his gun clean as the body slumped to the floor.
“Brothers…. I’m glad I was an only child!”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 6, 2012.

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