Day 217 – The Spy – Part 4

Word count: 599

Harry was in London. Flashy lights and neon blaring at the back of his retinas, Harry had had no sleep since he had arrived. The train had been packed; the tube was worse. Millions of passengers stifling to get through the barriers, hopping on to trains that had no more room, it was the perfect place to disappear. Everywhere was reachable in a matter of minutes. There was no delay in reaching the surface, ducking below or sneaking into somewhere conspicuous – or somewhere in the shadows.

The whole playground reminded Harry of his youth. As a spy in training, he had to learn these streets as if they were rooms in his house. He had to know what buildings were in them, who lived down them, who might be lurking and where he could run to from them. As he roamed the streets, he found himself drifting through them with ease in his half sleep. Things had not changed here in London: had things changed in Harry though?

Harry had not heard from anyone since he had left his home town. He was grateful. He did not want anything holding him back. He had spent the train journey purging his mind of his girlfriend: she is gone, she is gone, he repeated until he could no longer imagine her in his life. Separation was the key, that’s what they had taught him and it was their rules that he had to live by now in order to survive.

He was meeting Tom in Piccadilly. Harry spotted a man casually reading his smartphone by the Euros Statue and approached him. The man looked up, it was Tom.

“Boy, you are being watched heavily, greet me like I am your favourite uncle and we will go have coffee in the loudest place we can both think of.”
Harry hugged him and whispered in his here, “Thank you for doing this.”
They snuck into a nearby and busy coffee shop, grabbed the strongest cup from the menu and sat by the window.
“So, they found you,” Tom muttered low over the rattle and gargle of the establishment. It was a perfect cover.
“Yes, they had my phone number – they had people watching me the moment I left the house. What’s going on? I was retired from this… I was going to get married…”
“You were on standby – you knew that, but this is different. This is more sinister. The only reason they could or would be following you right now means that there is a higher breach in MI6.”
“You and four others were put on a list. You were each told four words, were you not? No order, no significant meaning together, but you were each told the same. One of those men is a vegetable in some military hospital. The other two are dead. That just leaves you. The last one standing.”
Harry felt sick – he certainly remembered being told about four words, but he had no clue as to what they were now. Could he remember? What were their significance?
“What were they for? Do you know?”
“Yes, but I’ll be damned if I tell you that. I’m not supposed to know myself, let alone inform the key were the lock on the door is. But you can’t risk telling anyone the four words. If they find you, you should die before giving it to them.”
“So what should I do now?”
“Do what you were always good at – what we spies are always good at,” he knocked back the remainder of his coffee, “play hide and seek…”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 11, 2012.

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