Day 219 – Cut Flowers – Part 4

Word Count: 577

Emily and her best friend Michelle were in the back garden, admiring the sunshine with a glass of wine and chattering about their lives in the past week. Michelle knew nothing of the abortion or even that there had been any problems. Whilst Michelle was always there for her, Emily did not trust her with anything too serious and her words often found themselves astray in other people’s conversations… and Emily had deduced that Michelle had allowed them to get there.

Nevertheless, Emily never mentioned these digressions to Michelle and they carried on as normal. Today, they were discussing Michelle’s new lovelife.

“Go on, you’ll have to get him over here! Is he free now?” Emily topped up Michelle’s glass.
“Nah, don’t be silly – we haven’t really been dating that along at all…”
“Go on, I need to inspect him!”
“Haha, alright then! Alright! I’ll call him, but no guarantees – he could be busy….”
“Too busy for us girls?”

It was a gorgeous day. Dan was working til late, though Emily had figured this was code for he was going to the pub with his work colleagues. She did not mind at all though for she enjoyed time apart from him these days. It was not that his company was suffocating or dull, it was more that every time she looked at him she was reminded of the abortion and though the lie excited her in many ways, the guilt occasionally took a hold and she would not be able to look him in the eye. It was easier not to have to deal with that. Her mum said that it would disappear with time, as all things would.

“He’ll come.” Michelle hung up from the phone. “Oh my god, what a sweetheart to come and visit me and my best friend!”
“Do you think he’s the one?”
Michelle sipped her wine, “I’m not sure, I don’t want to say this soon?”
Emily giggled, “Shelly’s in love! Shelly’s in love!”

Half an hour of tipsiness later, Michelle’s phone rang.

“Oh my god it’s him he’s outside!”
“Well go let him in you plank!”
Michelle got up and went through the house to answer the front door. Emily sat back and enjoyed the heat from the sun. She was overcome with the feeling that she was missing something: she was not sure what or if it even mattered. A moment later she heard voices and turned around to see Michelle and her boyfriend walking through the patio door.

“Wowee, look who we have here!” Emily kissed him on the cheek, winking and Michelle.

To Emily, he was gorgeous. Emily was struck by the way he held himself, his well defined muscles, those elusive eyes. She wanted him.

“Euan, this is Emily – Emily this is Euan.” Michelle was beaming.

“Lets crack open another bottle, take a seat Euan – do you like red or white… or Dan has some beer in the fridge?”
“No thanks, I’m driving so I best be careful.”

Emily ensured to brush her body passed him as she went inside to the kitchen. She made sure Michelle would not see; not that she would pick up on these things. Michelle was not terribly bright. From the kitchen, Emily watched the two lovebirds chatting away and smiling together and a knot quickly formed in Emily’s stomach. She identified exactly what it was immediately. She did not just want Euan, she had to have him: and she would.

~ by S.G. Mark on May 13, 2012.

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