Day 220 – The Passenger – Part 9

Sorry for the short ones lately, I’ve been really exhausted. They will pick up soon, I promise!

Word count: 576

Slam. Bang. Click.

Convenience store, just south of a village called Trent. No customers, just the check out boy and them. Kate was robbing it.

How knotted her stomach was, she could not tell. It had gone numb quite some hours ago – round about the part where they had reached a small road and hijacked a truck at gunpoint and set off down the road together. It was as if she had lost all senses: whatever the man was telling her, she did. She even put in suggestions! What was wrong with her, was he doing something to her brain? Was he manipulating the inner criminal? This was not her – she did not know how to hold a shotgun, let alone shoot it!

The convenience store check out boy shook at his desk. This was clearly new to him too. He looked about fifteen or sixteen – this was probably his dad’s place. They were stealing from his dad. The poor thing might not get any Christmas presents this year, Kate panicked and collected her breath. The man was walking to the counter, opening a plastic bag as he did so.

“Put the money in here. All of what you have. It’s just money. It’s not worth dying over,” he told the boy.

“My-my boss will kill me….” the boy protested.

The man waved a hand in the air, “Now don’t try and be a hero. It’s just money. It’s not even yours. It’s your boss’s. Do you hate your boss? Does he make you do shit you don’t want to?”

The boy nodded, “Yes,” he gulped.

“Then what’s your problem?”

The boy started handing over wads of cash. Kate’s bloodstream curdled at the thought – how many years in prison per dollar bill they took? There were cameras surely watching them. There would be witnesses – what if someone came in. What was she doing? Why wasn’t she running for the cops right now?

“Done,” the man snapped her out of her reverie by tapping her on the shoulder.

They turned and headed out the door, calm and collectedly. Kate’s insides resembled a volcano. She was sure the man’s insides resembled a circuit board.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Kate squealed as the door shut behind them.

“You were a natural,” the man put his arm around her and gazed out across the horizon. “Look at that, isn’t it beautiful?”

It was sunset.

“I want my own bed,” Kate grumbled.
“Well the back of our new truck will have to do.”

“Stolen truck. You better not snore.”

They both got into the truck and drove off from the convenience store, leaving a trail of dust behind them.

“Why did we need all this money anyway, it’s a lot more than you said you were going to take,” Kate was counting the cash in the plastic bag.

“Well he wanted to give… it would have been rude not to have taken!”

“So what now? Where to?”

“Why, do you have the buzz?”

“Pfft! Buzz, you are a wacko.”

“A what – what did you call me… a wacko!” the man laughed.

“Shut up! It was all I could think of!”

“A wacko. That’s brilliant!”

The both were oddly united in laughter for a few seconds.

“Nick,” the man said.

“What?” Kate questioned, confused by the change of subject.

“My name is Nick,” he stretched over a hand to her across the gear stick, “Nice to meet you.”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 14, 2012.

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