Day 224 – Alienation – Part 3

Word count: 771

Frank was in another session again. It was his third one. Doctor Blackman was starting to make him feel more comfortable, but he still did not feel at ease when he was sitting on the sofa waiting for the Doctor to stop writing.

Frank knew the words he was scribbling were about him. He was clearly reading up on the previous week’s notes on him and no doubt devising some weird psychological plan to make Frank believe what his wife would like him to believe. Frank told himself to breathe. He must not think these thoughts. Moira only wants what is best for him.

“How are you today, Mister Jefferson?” Doctor Blackman finally looked up from his desk. “I see it is sunny out, are you enjoying it?”

Doctor Blackman motioned out the window to the gloriously sunny day. Frank had not really taken the weather into account in many weeks. Terrestrial activities were not his concern of late.

“I’m afraid I’ve not really had the time.”

“Why, what have you been up to?”

Frank was wary. He reserved his truthful answer and instead replaced it with a generic non-sanity-querying answer, “Reading. I was reading books.”

“That’s good. It’s good to keep your mind occupied Mister Jefferson. Now, I was wondering if we could recap a bit of the first session we had….”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me more about what happened when you were found… How did your wife, family, friends react?”

Frank was immediately transported back to the forest. He could feel the wet drizzle dripping down on him. One side of his face was buried in the moss, the other exposed to the damp and dreary air. The sounds of the forest reverberated in his ear: the calm winds, the rustling leaves, the nearby trickling of a small stream and somewhere in the distance, the whooshing sound of cars driving by.

“I woke up. I didn’t know how I got there or what had happened to me. It took me a while to stand up, to walk towards the sound of the cars. I stumbled onto the road. A car almost hit me. They stopped and shouted at me and then they realised… They took me to hospital. It was then I found out that I was three states away from where I thought I was.”

“And da police contacted your family, yes?”

“Yes, yes they did. My… my wife Moira… she had called them, reported me missing.”

“And how did they react? Were they happy, angry, sad?”

Frank reflected, “Moira cried at first.”

“At first?”

“Then I told her what I could remember. She cried some more. Then she started shouting. She hasn’t really stopped since.”

“Why do you tink she reacted so badly?”

“Because I told her I was abducted by aliens.”

“And you tink she doesn’t believe you?”

“Do you?”

Frank felt Doctor Blackman’s irises survey him, judge him.

“Dat is not for me to say, Frank.”

Frank knew perfectly well Doctor Blackman thought he was mad. Everyone who knew about it thought he was mad. His children no longer respected him; his wife treated him like a child with special needs and those of his friends that did know about it have maintained their distance ever since discovering about it.

“It happened, you know. It really did happen. They are up there. They are up there and they are watching us.”

“What books is it that you are reading?”

“Books?” Frank had temporarily forgotten about the lie, “Oh just… general ones.”



“Science fiction?”

Frank could see where the conversation was going, “No. Just general fiction,” he lied.

“Have you always wanted to visit space?”

“Of course, haven’t we all? It’s so amazing, so vast…”

“Does this wish overcome you at times, Mister Jefferson, as if you are trapped and cannot escape?”

Frank screwed his brow up, trying to think. “I’m not sure what you mean?”

“Sometimes all I want to do, Mister Jefferson, is get home to my wife. But sometimes I am at work and have to stay late with patients. I cannot return home to my wife, no matter how much I want. My insides burn and I get panicky and I get angry. Do you feel this about space?”

Frank thought some more, “I guess, when I really think about it… maybe. But I feel the same way about not having enough money or not being younger…”

“Okay, Mister Jefferson, I think that is fine.”

“Do you think I am mad?” Frank asked.

“Mister Jefferson… I work in a psychiatrists firm… we are all mad here.”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 18, 2012.

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