Day 225 – The Smear – Part 3

Word count: 669

“You are a star!” Mick threw his arms around Zoe and hugged her tightly.

They were in his office. It was a neat little modern office, all arranged to highlight his achievements and show off his swagger whilst carefully covering the fact that very little paper work got done at the desk. Zoe had only been here twice before – the first time to get signed by Mick and the second to discuss a possible guest slot on a reality TV show, which had ultimately failed.

“I know, I know!” Zoe patted her own self confidence.

“Stroke of genius, pure genius! You’re a star, Zoe, you’re going to go far!” Mick was jiggly with excitement. “I’ve had people on the phone – everyone wants an interview. You’re name is in the papers, you’re being talked about in bars, in offices, at bus stops! This is it, Z, this is it!”

Zoe had not been able to stop smiling since it had happened. It had felt so liberating, so daring, so exciting to do it. No one could have stopped her. No one gave her the idea: it had all been her own work.

It all happened so magnificently. Stepping out into the empty hallway of the hotel, she felt the rush of adrenaline race through her veins. Any moment now someone would walk passed her, throw her a dirty look, but she wished that she would get further. She wanted to go to the reception, where everyone would be able to see. Casually, she took the elevator down. Again, there had been no one there. On the way down she had felt slightly disappointed that no one had seen her yet, but as soon as the elevator doors opened to the reception on the ground floor, she had known that it had been worth the wait.

Every eye was on her. Every lens from the paparazzi in the lobby turned to her and immediately the flashes started. Their shutters clicked and the images stored to their flash cards. Tomorrow’s news was currently in the making. With no one yet stopping her, she made her way to the reception desk. The receptionists there eyeballed her as if she were something they were seeing when on LSD. Their eyes were not even looking into hers; they were looking at exactly where she wanted them and everyone else to look: her bare chest.

Zoe had leant over the desk to the youngest of the receptionists and had asked in the softest voice she could muster, “Excuse me, but the heating in my room is too high, do you think you could turn it down for me… I’m awfully hot….”

At that moment someone from the hotel had rushed over with a blanket and covered her modesty. She was then redirected into the manager’s office and made to wait until he came to attend to her. Zoe had laughed off his professional anger and had returned to her hotel room with her mobile phone ringing constantly for the rest of the night. The next day her chest was in all the papers. Her name was written hundreds and hundreds of times. She was now more famous than ever.

“So what do we do now?” Mick asked and Zoe found it weird and brilliant at the same time that he was asking her for advice. “We’ve got TV shows wanting to interview you, we’ve got reporters hounding at the door wanting more information on who you are…”
“I think we should keep quiet,” Zoe said. “Let them wonder and wonder about
who I am. I want to be a mystery. I want them to make up stuff about me. I want them to want me…. Men get bored if you reveal everything at once… Why on earth would we want to make that mistake?”

“You’re perfect. You’re my perfect client. You’re…. you’re amazing…”

“I know… now I’m going to send a text to a little unsuspecting idiot…” Zoe grinned. Her life was just about to begin.”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 19, 2012.

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