Day 229 – Betrayal in the Skies – Part 2

Starring Jonny Leigh!

Word count: 537

Jonny felt numb. Everything was black. For a few moments he thought he was back in his flat in London, cosy in his own bed. But he quickly remembered that he was on a plane – or at least he should be. This was only an hour trip to Edinburgh, why was it so dark?

Jonny tried to sit up, but he couldn’t. Not one of his muscles moved. He was completely paralysed. What had happened? Had the plane crashed, was he dead, in hospital? Was there any one else around that could help, that were also stuck? He tried to speak, but his mouth would not move. Within his mind he shouted out to anyone that was there. How could he be alone, what was happening to him?

From underneath him, he felt the ground grumble. Could that be turbulence? Was he still on board the plane after all, perhaps this was a power cut? Had he fallen asleep and he was simply dreaming? It all seemed too far fetched.

A flicker of light appeared in the furthest corner of his eye. Was that the pilot’s cabin? Footsteps. Was someone coming? Could it be someone to help him?

“All the passengers are unconscious now, sir. We have neutralised the spy as well,” a woman was speaking to someone, though from the words Jonny deduced that they were not nearby.

Through a muffled speaker, a deep voice replied, “Good. When will you arrive?”

“The pilot doesn’t expect anything later than a four hours, but there is a possible storm coming our way. We will update you when we can.”

“That is alright. When they get here, we will have years… time is not of the essence.”

“See you soon, sir,” the girl ended the conversation.

Jonny was panicking now. What was happening, where were they taking him? Who was the man at the other end of the intercom. Jonny was hopeless when it came to stress. He needed a variety of pills just to function each day. He was a nervous wreck normally: getting a train induced a heavy panic attack, this was a whole new world of fears and worry.

The girl roamed around the plane, tidying and putting things away. She did notice at all that Jonny was awake, but how much longer could he keep up the facade? Surely she would check on him sooner or later, would he simply close his eyes and pretend to be asleep? Was there something else that they were watching out for? Jonny was getting heartburn just contemplating all these different scenarios.

For another hour he lay there, for he figured out that he was lying down, and listened to the girl potter about the plane. He was listening out for anything that she was saying, anything that might indicate where they were going or what was going to happen to him. But she made not a sound. Nothing came through on the intercom and the storm as of yet, did not appear to be happening. With every minute that passed, he grew more anxious.

A spurt of distortion came from the intercom. Someone was trying to reach them.


“Yes sir?”

“Someone on board is awake. Find them.”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 23, 2012.

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