Day 230 – In Virginia, they – Part n + 2

Story written but can’t be uploaded yet owing to slow 3g internet connection

I have internet now.

Word count: 619

Jerry and Tanya were lying down in the living room on a pile of mattresses, cushions and blankets. The fire, now just an ember of its former roaring self, crackled and sizzled in the background. Outside a gentle gale bristled against the window panes, seeping through cracks in to chill their bones.

It must have been a few minutes before dawn. Jerry had been awake all night, waiting and expecting someone or something to crash through the window, break down the doorway or sneak up on them while they were sleeping. His eyes would not shut. He would not let them. Tanya was fast asleep beside him. Jerry had watched her sleep for hours now. Watching her was the only thing that comforted him and distracted him from the idea that an attack could happen at any minute. Karin was upstairs fast asleep as well. Jerry could not understand Karin and Tanya’s easiness at accepting all of the events that were happening to them both. How were they not suffering from mental breakdowns? Why were they not crying themselves to sleep at night? Jerry, the strong male of the group, was terrified of closing his eyes. They could be at the edge of the building, peering in. They could be planning an attack. They could be anywhere at any time – why were they not preparing?

For another hour, Jerry lay wide awake, mind plagued with terrible thoughts. Would he ever see his home, his family and friends again? He had to come up with a plan, but the main problem with his plan was that he was not sure whether or not to include Karin and Tanya in it? Could he really just hitch a ride out of town and forget about them, forsake them to their terrible fate? Could he really just forget that they ever saved his life? Jerry thought long and hard about it and by the time the sun was beginning to rise, he was still unsure. Jerry was selfish, he was self centred – Jerry never had time to think of other people, why should he start now? This was his time, this was his life…

A brilliant volcanic explosion of light sparkled through the window, illuminating everything in a wondrous tinge amber. The world was on fire with colour. Tanya rolled over in her sleep, muttering something incoherent. Upstairs, Jerry heard Tanya rise. The floorboards creaked in the way that old places do. Shivering with the morning cold, Jerry got up from his make-shift bed and looked out the window. No one was standing there. No one was at the gates, standing at the windows or waiting to kill them. All those long hours he had spent panicking, worrying and fearing… all for nothing. He felt the fool.

He went into the kitchen to pour himself some water and noticed that Karin was already making her way down the stairs. Each step creaked under her foot falls, but it was not until the last few steps that Jerry realised that she was speaking… He approached the door that led from the kitchen to the hallway and attempted to listen in. Who could she be talking to? Last night she had said she lived alone, who could she be talking to now? Jerry felt nervous: very nervous. Who was this woman who had rescued them, taken them into her home?

Jerry slipped back into the living room. Tanya was stirring, bothered by the light falling on her eyes. Jerry knelt down beside her. Her eyelids opened a fraction. Jerry held her head in his arms and bent down towards her ear. She started to wake.

“Tanya,” he whispered to her, “There’s something wrong here…”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 25, 2012.

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