Day 233 – The Passenger – Part 10

Word count: 690

What was happening?

Kate was in the car. She had a shotgun in her lap. They were flying down the highway to god knows where and she had her feet dangling out the window. She was sitting beside a man named Nick. He was driving. She was the passenger.

“I fancy pizza,” she said, distantly; too consumed with dreaming of food to be part of the present moment.

Half an hour later he pulled off the highway and parked in some grill. The only vehicles in the parking lot were lorries. Kate imagine hairy assed truckers, bald on top and drooling beer from their toothless mouths. Nick got out of the car first as Kate retracted her feet and put on her shoes. She stuck the shotgun in the back.

They walked into the joint and received an awkward stare from the waitress. She was wearing a short little checked dress. In her hand she had a manky old notepad for orders and she was chewing gum that Kate was sure had been in there all day. Her hair was greasy, though Kate was uncertain if this was because she didn’t wash regularly or because of working in restaurant.

“Whaddya want?”

“Pizza. Two, whatever’s the biggest.” Nick said and they took seats in one of the booths by the window.

“Well this is interesting.”

“What?” Kate had been day dreaming out the window. As she turned to look back at him, she caught her reflection for a brief moment and it caught her off-guard.

“Eating dinner with you, at two in the morning. Isn’t this way passed your bedtime?”

Kate leaned forward, “You know what, I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

“Ooo harsh. I thought you’d loosened up a bit too.”

Kate shot him a grouchy look. She was starting to worry. The last few hours had been so bizarre. She had committed a crime. She was officially a fugitive. She was on the run; the cops might be hot on their tail. In the space of twenty four hours she had gone from office coffee junkie to hardened thief.

“I miss my husband,” she said as the waitress came back to hover by them. “Two whiskies, please. On the rocks.”

The waitress buzzed back to the bar to fetched their order.

“You can’t go home.”
Kate pondered his words. “How old are you?”

“Thirty-four. My birthday is April fourth. I have one sister, but she is almost forty-eight now. I was the baby.”


“I have a nephew and a niece, but I don’t know their names. Rachel and I aren’t very close.”

Kate perched her head on her hands and look at him. There was no way she could describe how she was feeling right now. It was a mess on an intergalactic scale.

The drinks arrived, “Pizzas will be give guys, can I get you anything else?”

Nick waved his hand, the waitress left.

“What about you?”

“Three sisters. I’m the second eldest. Youngest is still in high school.”


“Can you really see me with a child?”

Nick laughed and shook his head, picking up his glass and held it just inches from his lips, “No, Kate. No, kids wouldn’t fit into your life. I’m proud of you.”

“For what?” Kate knocked back her whisky.

The pizzas arrived. Kate thanked the waitress and tore into it. The tomato sauce stung the back of her tongue. Pepperoni was scattered scarcely on the pizza. She was not sure what it tasted of, but she guessed it was not far off plastic. It was food, though.

“For robbing that shop. Good job. Good job.”

They feasted on their plastic sustenance. Kate felt the knots in her stomach begin to loosen, which was quite the contrary to what she thought was going to happen when she started eating. She wondered if her husband was asleep. She missed him, but in a way she was not that bothered that she wasn’t in bed with him right now.

“I don’t want to,” she said suddenly in the muteness of their feasting.

“Don’t want to what?”

“Go home…”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 27, 2012.

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