Day 235 – Cut Flowers – Part 5

Word count: 601

Coffee shop, baking hot outside and a frappacino poised to her lips. Emily was waiting for her mum on the gorgeous June afternoon. It was their bi-weekly catch up. Emily would get the opportunity to hear all about her mother’s fabulous love life – which still going strong by all accounts, just not with the same person every week. They would then progress on to how awful Emily’s father was and how much they were grateful that he was not in their lives any more. Finally, they would end their chit-chat with what Emily had been up to. Since the abortion, they had not met up like this. Audrey had instead been clinging to Emily’s ears through her mobile and had ensured that there was barely a second that went by that she wouldn’t be updated with how Emily was coping with the lie.

That was it. It was the lie more than anything that mattered to Audrey.

“The lie must be protected! You must rethink the truth in your head! Believe the untrue to be true and you will make it so!” those words of advice had been said to Emily a very long time ago when she was only three crayon marks up the door frame from the first one she had been.

Today those words were ringing true and had been reverberating around Emily’s mind for days. Every morning, Emily would wake up fearing that she had said something in her sleep. Every afternoon she feared him storming back in, somehow knowing or realising what had happened. Her period was due, he knew this. What would happen if it was late? What if it didn’t come at all this month? What if the clinic sent her a letter that he accidentally opened? Every day she made herself sick with worry and by every evening, when he returned, she wiped the worry from her brow and got on with it. Her mother was proud.

Audrey finally arrived, barking dog in toe. Cha-cha the chihuahua had been part of Audrey’s life for a few months now, but Emily was still surprised to see her mother cooing over a small ball of furr. The pair of them took the seat opposite her. Emily could only just see her mum’s face through her sunglasses.

“You’ve had your hair done?” Emily asked her mum, believing something to be different.

“Alas, no. Just put it up in curlers all morning, how’s tricks?” at the same moment, Audrey clicked her fingers for the waitress to come over. “Dry white wine, whatever’s moderately priced. It’s my daughter’s turn.” she winked.

“So, so, so!” Audrey banged on the table, “Tell mummy all!”

“All what?”

“Now dear, don’t be a sop! What have you been up to?”

“Not much to be honest -”

“- Excuse me for interrupting, but I have the most amazingest news in the world.”

From out of the bottom of her eye she saw it sparkle. It was for want of a better word, humongous. It was so large that Emily thought it may have it’s own gravity. The band must have been made of nothing but white gold. The jewel, probably priceless. Quite what it was doing on her mum’s finger, Emily was nonplussed.

“What is that?”

“Your ticket to being a bridesmaid!”

“What? No wait, hang on a second?”

Emily’s mind had been thrown into Red Alert mode. What was happening and was what was happening what she feared was happening?

“Mum, does this mean?”


“That you’re?”



“Married! I know, how exciting it is! I’m getting married…. this weekend!”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 29, 2012.

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