Day 237 – The Spy – Part 5

Word count: 518 – bit short I know!!

Harry had checked into some average hotel, three stars. Not quite posh enough to be flashy, not cheap enough to be dingy. It was as obvious a hiding place as he could find. From all his years as a spy, he had learned that the worst possible hiding place was somewhere too secret. Countless times he had believed himself to be absolutely hidden; barely a shadow in the dark… and more often than not he had been found and almost killed.

Tonight he could not risk that. He need to lie low but not be confident. He needed to have his eye on every exit; every way in and every person that passed him, looked at him strangely… Whoever was after him was smart. They were not the average criminal, terrorist or treason plotter. They knew things that even the top rank officials within the agency did not know.

Lying on his perfectly made single bed, he thought through the scenario. Everything outside this issue was blanked out. There was no wedding, no house, no life for seven years. He had no girlfriend, he had no friends; no family. He was an orphan, as the story had always gone. He was a man of solitary strength. For an hour he picked apart the problem in his mind. He went through faces, past friends; colleagues that had died; little tiny insignificant incidences that may be so meaningful now. Harry felt so lost, so in the dark. There was no way he was going to contact anyone else in MI5. Anyone could be an enemy; anyone could be turned. Harry knew all to well of that.

He had ordered room service. It had arrived and had sat on the table for about half an hour while he assessed it. Was he being too paranoid to assume that someone would spike his food? Harry couldn’t deny himself food. He eventually could not contain himself, he had to eat. He had clearly been paranoid, for he was still alive at midnight.

Outside, two women were screaming at each other as their stomped on their high heels home. Harry was listening out for every sound. There were taxis slowing up outside the hotel, picking up guests, dropping them off. A pub round the corner was showing some football game from South America. It was busy, but Harry heard it all as if he could separate the symphony in his mind.

The phone rang. Harry looked at it. It rang again, ominously. A third time. His blood ran cold. Who could it be? He picked it up. It made a satisfactory clicking noise.

“Hello?” he said.

“You met a man today. You should not trust him.”

“Who is this?”

“A friend. A much better friend than the other one.”

“I have no friends.”

“Ah, the orphan is back. He should go. He has no place in your heart.”

“What do you know about my heart?”

“Only everything… and nothing.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m someone you should trust. Goodbye.”

“Wait, how do I contact you?”

“I’ll be in touch. I know exactly where you are.”

~ by S.G. Mark on May 31, 2012.

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