Day 238 – The Smear – Part 4

Word count: 588

Zoe and her new model friend Elle were dining in a luxurious restaurant in the middle of London’s Mayfair. It was a Friday night and the place was heaving with rich customers. Reservations needed to be made weeks in advance, but Mick had managed to find an opening and had persuaded the owner – a personal friend of his – to let the two girls eat there tonight.

They were both wearing the same designer’s dresses. Zoe had met Elle a few months ago at a random charity event she had been dragged into, but they had bonded quite well over the free rosé wine flowing into their glasses and had been chatty ever since. Elle had been in the modelling industry for a number of years now, but had only cracked it about nine months ago and since then had started appearing in all the top magazines.

“So did you say you were going to get a deal with Harrod’s?” Zoe asked.

“Totally, they were loving me last time I walked in there and strutted my stuff around the shoes! I’ve got a meeting with them next month to discuss the finer details, but I don’t think there’ll be any problems.”

“That’s absolutely fabulous hun, really!” Zoe tapped her on the arm to show emotion. She was aware that there were cameras following her right now.

“What about you? What’s your secret to success? There’s no way we’d be eating here tonight if you hadn’t have pulled that stunt in the hotel!”

“Well!” Zoe flicked her hair behind her shoulder. “It’s all about… timing…”

Zoe glanced to her side, indicating to Elle the journalist discreetly taking pictures at his table. It was no coincidence, Zoe thought to herself, that he was allowed to blatantly sit there and take picture after picture. This had Mick written all over it. She blushed, it was so sweet of him.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Elle was confused.

“You’ll understand… in time… you will understand.”

A text went off in her bag. She smiled. She had a feeling that she knew exactly who it was. But she would wait: yes, she would wait until the end of the meal, until she got home and in her bed.

Zoe and Elle enjoyed the rest of the meal and took a taxi home together, dropping Elle off first and then continuing on to Zoe’s. Her rented flat was in a relatively nice part of town, but it did not feel like home yet. She felt more at home in hotel rooms and luxury suites. She did not like to clean up after herself. Taking the elevator up, she tingled with excitement at what the text might say, who it might be from. In her high heels, she tottered from the elevator to her flat door and ran inside, kicking her heels off as she dived to the bathroom.

She needed to be ready for bed when she read the text. Brushing her teeth, removing her make up and slipping on a nighty, she got into bed with her phone and pressed the unlock screen button.

She had been right. It was him. The text contained one simple question that had so many layers of analysis. It was written truly from the heart and from behind several layers of insecurity, inadequacy and shyness. But it was not disingenuous: it was real. All it read, and it made Zoe smile from one end of the galaxy to the other was…

Hey, how are you tonight? x

~ by S.G. Mark on June 1, 2012.

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