Day 247 – Cut Fowers – Part 6

Word count: 819

A forest of flowers and a fountain of champagne in tall crystal glasses: Emily was attending her mother’s hastily arranged wedding shower. It was being hosted at a boutique hotel in town. Only Audrey’s closest friends and family were invited, women only of course. As a result of the small invitation group and the lack of advance notice, however, only a tiny number of them turned up. All fifteen of them looked rather out of place within the large, ornate and tastefully decorated room. Large ionic columns were lined in a circle around the main part of the room. It was a beautiful venue for any party. Lights were wrapped around these columns along with very real looking fake ivy. A large window let the evening light flood in. The entire room was alight with colour. It was a shame that there were not more there to enjoy it.

In truth, Emily sort of wished she was not here herself. There was something very unsettling about the idea of her mother remarrying. Her first marriage had been a complete catastrophe. Emily’s father was not a very nice man by all accounts and Audrey was left pretty traumatised for years over it. As a child, Emily did not remember her mother going on dates or meeting men. It was not until her late teens that Audrey introduced her to a man, but that did not last long. What made things even more uneasy for Emily to accept was that she didn’t even know her mum was seeing anyone.

Of course the whole story had been shouted out during their meeting at the café. After all the “who is hes?” and “how long have you known hims?”, Audrey had confessed that they had only met last month but that Franco was the epitome of manhood and had asked her to marry him within a week of meeting, but had only just bought her the ring.

Franco was three years older than Emily. Three years and two and a half months. They had not yet met, but Emily had anticipated the awkwardness already. Dan had laughed when Emily had told him. The whole situation would be hilarious if it were not happening to Emily’s mother. But after all Audrey had been through to bring Emily up, she could hardly withdraw her mother’s support now. Crazy as it was, her mum seemed happy – and the chances were it probably wouldn’t last anyway.

Emily was sipping her champagne with her Aunty Pam, who was typically wearing something drab and unflattering. Pam was lovely – heart of gold – but Emily and Audrey had been preying on her for her fashion flaws for decades. Emily eyed up the pinafore dress and clocked it as a quick charity shop buy.

As per usual, Audrey was swooning around the room soaring on the thermals of the attention she was receiving. She was reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor in her elegance. It was odd for Emily to see her mum looking this happy. Perhaps Franco really was the one she had been waiting for all her life?

“So what do you think to all of this?” Pam piped up from behind her fizz. “I don’t want to see my little sister hurt, but I wouldn’t want to take any happiness from her. I guess you’ll feel the same?”

“In a way, yes,” Emily began, “But at the same time it’s her life. I don’t want to stop her doing anything she wants – I know she would do the same for me…”

“Wow, I would have thought you would have gone wild over it. Three years old than you he is, do you know that?”

Emily nodded.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Pam began, “You really don’t have a problem with it? Have you met him?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure we all will by the weekend…”

“Two days, dear lord, my sister is crazy.”

They both looked onwards at Audrey, who was cackling like a witch with laughter. Quite how much champagne she had drank, they could not tell, but there were thirty bottles ordered designed for forty people… there were only eight unopened bottles now. Looking on, Emily felt herself growing quite jealous of her mother and all the attention she was receiving. It reminder her of her own bridal shower, her own engagement party and then her wedding day. All that was in the past now. Barring a baby shower, which recent events had ruled out completely at least for the near future, had Emily really turned into the wasting wife she had sworn she would never become? Holidays came twice a year; birthday and Christmas presents were predictable; the sex was growing dull and there was nothing but television and dinner of an evening. Where had all the fun gone? Was this it from now on? Had she really become the biddable boring stay-at-home wife this soon?

~ by S.G. Mark on June 10, 2012.

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