Day 250 – The Spy – Part 6

Word count: 740

“Pretend you know me,” the man instructed Harry. “Tell me about your wedding plans.”

“How do you know me? How the fuck do you know about that?” He leaned forwards aggressively.

“I know everything about your life since you left. I am your keeper, your watcher. I am the person you never knew existed. Now when is the date, have you bought your suit?”

Harry looked over the man. He couldn’t judge. Who was the man to say he was a protector, when he acted more as an aggressor? Harry did the only thing he could do in a situation like this. He harnessed the skills he had learned over the years. He surveyed the man through logic and reasoning.

Late thirties, mottled hair. Brown. Half white, half Asian. This man knew more of curries than he did of pasta. He liked his coffee strong, his breath was laden with it. His beard was unshaven, at least one day. Black bags under his eyes; this man did not sleep much last night, perhaps not even in his own home. His irises moved to his clothing. Smart, well dressed. Ironed. This man, if he had not stayed at home, must have stayed at a friends – girlfriend’s perhaps – or hotel. Hotel. Harry looked at him further. Was this the kind of man to swan around in hotels? Hotels, were they to be trusted? Harry reckoned staying at a girlfriend’s was more friendly. Hotels could mean contract killer, enemy, government. He wasn’t sure. Harry was terrified. For the first time in his life, he really just was not sure of a person.

When it came to people, Harry was usually fantastically accurate. He could judge character’s moods, habits, desires in an instant. He could tell a lie as easily as he could tell night from day. This man that sat before him was too good. He was a professional; but the worrying issue was… who trained him?

“Ten seconds. Give me five seconds to trust you.”

“You received a phone call three days ago. It was from someone you weren’t expecting. You told your wife to go somewhere, you would meet her. You were outside a bookshop, a friend of yours owned it. You came here. You met an old friend. You stayed the night at a hotel. You received a phone call. It unnerved you. You came here.”

“How does that make me trust you,” Harry asked, gritting his teeth.

“Because if if I wanted to, I would have killed you by now.”

Harry took less than a second, “We haven’t set a date. I am thinking of different suits – but it’s the venue that’s the key. She wants one of those country house affairs, but I’m just happy with the local church – even registry office – and the nearest nice pub. I’m a simple man, but aren’t we all?”

“Haha, that’s true. I remember when me and my ex-fiance were getting married. Day after I proposed, she was on the phone to venues, to estates, to cars, to wedding dress shops, to florists – even photographers so she could record every moment of the engagement!”

“Well no wonder you left her after that!”

“Talk about going psycho!”

The both laughed as if genuine friends, both aware they were being watched.

“Hey, bud, why don’t we head down to Gary’s and see if he’s got that old booklet-magazine thing his wife subscribed too, would be amazing for you right now…” The man suggested.

“Yeah – shall we grab a cab?”

“Brilliant – I hate the fucking Tube.”

They left a substantial tip at the table and left, flagging down the nearest black cab. They fell into the back and slipped the driver a hundred pounds to take them anywhere he liked. They talked in the back.

“Gary is your boss?”

“Gary is a friend.”

“Gary will help?”

“Gary knows best.”

“Are they following us?” Harry asked, fearful that he would be proved right.

“Yes they are.”

“Well what are we going to do?”

“Driver, on the fifteenth corner you turn, could you let us out discreetly by a traffic light? Another hundred for the trouble.”


“Sneak out, get away. They are following this car, not us.”

Harry was on edge. He was used to darting around unnoticed, unseen. Those that followed him rarely did so for long. The traffic slowed. They came to a halt at the second turning. Thirteen more to go.

~ by S.G. Mark on June 13, 2012.

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