Day 252 – The Smear – Part 5

Word count: 587

Today was the day. It had been planned for a week. Ever since the text, she had been excited, delighted and her happiness was so criminal it had been extradited. Zoe could barely contain herself. All day it had been dresses and hair appointments, tanning and nails. She was perfect in every way. There was not a line on her, not a wrinkle, not a spot: everything that she wanted covered, had been.

The dress she had bought cost a thousand pounds. It was totally worth it. Red velvet interwoven with lace and silk. This was more than a designer wear: it was unique. It had been tailored to her. No expense could be spared on tonight. It was all part of the great plan.

Champagne had been bought. A chef was busy in the kitchen preparing everything she needed. Zoe was in her bedroom, pruning herself. The hair was perfect. The make up that she had had done at the beautician was currently being touched up. By her dressing table, she sat and applied her make up, brushed her hair and made herself dazzle with sexiness. Tonight she would be perfect, an angel at first… perhaps a devil later. J

It was difficult what to expect. Zoe was still unsure if he would take the bait anyway. Danny seemed a shy boy. Most men would have jumped at the chance to be with her – and indeed had done in the past. She flinched at the memories. Nightclubs with eager, horny men. Sometimes she just went home with them out of boredom. Sometimes she thought why not? Danny was different somehow. He did not really text her. He kept his distance. Perhaps he was weary that it was a wind up, and perhaps he should. But Zoe wanted him to be the one chasing her. She wanted it to seem and feel real. Maybe it just wouldn’t ever, but it would help.

An hour to go. She slipped into her dress and finished off her hair. The chef left and told her what to do with the meal once it was cooked. She tidied up her apartment. It was strange. She had not been back here in almost three weeks. It felt cold. It felt detracted from her. This was someone else’s place. Zoe didn’t live her; not the Zoe on the front page of magazines, written and bitched about in all the gossip columns anyway.

The doorbell rung. Zoe’s stomach turned inside out. This was it. Her one big chance lay on the other side of that door. She had to get tonight right or it would never happen for her. The music, the acting, the modelling: the money. She had to use all her charm tonight. There was no room for error. Zoe had to be his dream girl.

She approached the front door and opened it. Danny appeared on the other side, grinning with a bottle of what Zoe had immediately identified as cheap supermarket sparkling wine. He was dressed in a suit. The top collar was not done up. The suit was not ironed. From the look of them, he did not brush his teeth regularly. His hair was gelled back. His shoes were not new. He smelled vaguely of B.O.

There was no choice, Zoe reiterated to herself: there was no choice.

Summoning all the acting in the world, she spread her lips across her face in the most fake grin she had ever mustered.

“Come in Danny-boy, come in….”

~ by S.G. Mark on June 15, 2012.

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