Day 254 – Folie a Deux – Part 12

Story written on other laptop – which currently isn’t connecting to my internet… will upload when I can!

Finally online with the laptop! Here is Sunday’s Story (day 254). Apologies. It’s very short – written in about 12 minutes!

Word count:560

Catherine felt ill. Party music was banging in her ear drum. She felt sick. A headache was throbbing into maturity. She was only just beginning to realise where she was. Vicky wasn’t with her anymore, but Tom was by her side. She was confused, was she drunk? She didn’t remember drinking… she didn’t remember being here at all. She remembered a woman, a kitchen… yes the old house was very familiar to her now.

“Hey, hey, Catherine are you alright?” Tom had spotted that she was waking up.

“Yeah, I think… can I get some water?”
“Of course, of course… I’ll grab you a glass…”

Tom darted off. A few people looked over at her, some with looks of disgust. Catherine thought she must look so drunk right now. How pathetic must she appear to be? No one ever wanted to be the one throwing up at a party. She felt awful. Never before she been more embarrassed. Trust her to be the one who got ill at her first party. She didn’t even remember getting here. How the gossips would talk.
Tom returned with a glass of water. She downed the glass in a matter of seconds, but her stomach still felt unsettled.

“What am I doing here?”

“It’s the after party.. .Dave’s after party, don’t you remember?”


“It’s Dave’s after party – final exams!”

“Oh god, yeah, I remember him saying before the exam….I don’t remember anything afterwards though?”

Tom sat down beside her, “How the fuck? We didn’t start drinking until we got here?”
“I don’t… I fell asleep.. I think it’s… it’s what’s been happening to me…. Where’s Vicky?”

“I don’t know, she disappeared about half an hour ago to go out for a smoke…”

“A smoke? But she doesn’t smoke…”
“Not tobacco….”
“What, where is she? Can’t she come back?”
“I’ve tried ringing her, but she’ll come back eventually. It’s a party, no one checks their phone. Here do you want a drink?” Tom tried to hand her a something in coke.

“God, no, please I feel sick… I just want to go home…..”

“Catherine, you’re drunk. You’re parents are going to freak if you they see you like this…”

“Tom, I am not drunk! I haven’t touched a drop!”
Catherine got up, wobbling a bit as she did so. The room was spinning. She could swear that she hadn’t touched any. What was happening to her? Was this part of the illness? Was it cancer, brain tumour – what was going on? This wasn’t just a normal exhaustion period. This was something more. She was seeing things – the same dream over and over and over again?

She staggered through the hallway, forcing herself through the throng of people with drinks and breath that stunk of sweet alcohol. It was less noisy in the hall and a lot cooler too. She staggered out into the kitchen and eventually out the backdoor into the cool fresh air of the back garden. The stoners were out in force, smoking and chilling with their drinks, giggling away to themselves. Catherine couldn’t see Vicky anywhere. She surely wouldn’t have left her by herself all night? She turned around and saw something upstairs that shocked her, turned her stomach even more: the silhouette of Vicky, her best friend, in a bra, smoking out the window and Dave getting dressed behind her…

~ by S.G. Mark on June 17, 2012.

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