Day 257 – Folie a Deux – Part 13

Name later at stone henge

Word count: 924

Catherine felt sick – even more than she had done before. Vicky caught her eye and immediately stubbed out her cigarette and retreated through the window, reddening with fear. Catherine stormed through the kitchen and stomped up the stairs. Ten years they had been friends almost, ten years! Weekends spent together, holidays and trips away. All those hours they messed around in one of their back gardens when they were younger trying to build a tree-house, the time that they decided to run away together; they’d copied each other’s homework, looked out for one an another, covered when the other wanted to skive a class or two. She felt physically ill that the one person in the world that she trusted with everything had betrayed her.

The top of the stairs was dark and dangerous. A million insults and swear words rushed through her mind as she crossed the landing and threw open the bedroom door. Vicky was hurriedly putting her shirt back on. Her skirt was lying on the floor. Dave was calmly stretching: he was at least dressed.
“Catherine, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
“Just shut the fuck up you whore!” Catherine was livid, “How could you do that? To me, to Tom?”
“Catherine, it just happened…”
“Vicky, no, things don’t just happen like that…”
“Wha, what’s goin’ on?” Dave yawned, “Why do you care?”
Catherine turned on Dave like a cannon on a battlefield, “Because you stupid, dumbass wanker – for some bizarre reason I have been pretty much in love with you for the past two years… I guess there must be something wrong with my head after all – fuck knows why I would want to ever spend time with either of you!”
She backed out of the room. Vicky chased after her, grabbing her shoulder at the top of the stairs.
“Please don’t tell Tom,” she begged.
“I don’t owe you fuck all. Don’t speak to me ever, ever again.”
Catherine went back into the living room, tears streaming from her eyes. Rage could not define how she was feeling. This was more than just betrayal. She gathered together her stuff. Tom came over to her.
“Are you alright? What’s happened?”
“Ask your girlfriend,” she threw her jacket over her shoulder and left the house. Intuition told her that Vicky was watching, now fully clothed, at the top of the stairs and that Tom would soon turn around and the lies would begin. But she didn’t care. If they split up or not it didn’t matter to her – it didn’t matter at all that Tom would get lied to or that Vicky couldn’t ‘sleep at night because she’d made some stupid mistake.

It was dark now and slightly cold. As she walked along the road, goosebumps formed on her arms. She had no real idea where she was, but she would get home somehow. The area looked vaguely familiar and she would no doubt reach somewhere she knew relatively soon. None of that bothered her though. She just wanted to get home and crash. It didn’t matter how long it would take, that was what she was doing. From her school bag she took out her phone. There were already three missed calls from Vicky, more from her mum. She ignored them and proceeded to deleting Vicky as a contact. She never wanted to speak to her again. As for Dave, in reality he had meant so little to her he wasn’t even worth the action to remove his name from her mobile.
Eventually she came to the main road and headed up the hill home. The front door was open when she arrived. The light in the hallway was on. She stepped in and the chill embodied her. Her parents were angry; very angry. The kitchen light was on and from the hallway she could see a hand resting on the kitchen table.
“Mum, I’m sorry,” she approached the kitchen door, but as she entered she saw that it was not her mum – it wasn’t even her dad. Her sister was collapsed on the chair, head hanging forward, unconscious. She didn’t look simply asleep, there was something wrong. Her sister would never fall asleep on anything but a bed, and her parents certainly wouldn’t allow her to kip on the kitchen chairs.
“Hey, hey are you alright? Wake up,” Catherine prodded her sister but she was not moving. “C’mon, c’mon….”
Catherine spotted them lying at the foot of the chair. They were white, didn’t have a jar or anything… just three solitary pills. Panic struck through her – what had she done?
“Wake up you stupid idiot! Wake up!” But she accidentally pushed her sister forward and she fell off the chair, scraping it across the floor extremely loudly. A matter of minutes later, Catherine could hear noises upstairs. Her parents were descending. She needed to think quickly. She scooped up the pills and threw them down the sink, turning on the tap at full power to wash them away and also pouring her sister a large glass of water. Her mum appeared in the doorway first, dressing gown wrapped around her.

“What’s going on?” she had spied Catherine by the sink, her other daughter on the floor, clearly unconscious.
“I think she’s maybe drunk a bit too much?” Catherine lied. “I came home and found her like that….”
“Why are you home?”
“I wanted to; I just wanted to be at home tonight.”
“Oh bloody hell,” Catherine’s dad popped in, bleary eyed and sleep deprived, “Too much wine?”
“Something like that…”

~ by S.G. Mark on June 20, 2012.

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