Day 259 – The Passenger – Part 13

Word count: 873

Phil was banging on the door of the interview room. Walker was talking sneakily to Kate. Another hour had passed. Kate’s head was heavy with sleep, but she was determined not to let it show. This was a war – a fight against battling questions and little soft, white, gigantic lies. Kate stared back at Walker with all the intent of a woman with one hand on the Big Red Button inside a nuclear missile station. Walked knew he was treading on territory that he never going to fully map.

“Why do we have footage of you in Washington?”
Kate wasn’t surprised. They had been breaking into the White House. How they had managed it, Kate just did not want to know. Ever since then she had eyes on the back of her head watching for the sniper rifle’s bullet.
“He needed something from there, he didn’t say what.”
“Did it have anything to do with the incident in Philadelphia?”
“What incident?” Kate lied pathetically, they probably had photographic evidence.
“The theft of three major banks. At gun point.”
Kate remembered it well. It did not start off great. The journey North was exhausting and not because she was tired. Neither of them could stop arguing. Nick was driving of course. He had contrived the situation; he had assumed control.
“You’re driving on the wrong side of the road!” she had screamed.
“Relax!” he waved a hand in her direction in an attempt to calm the situation.
“Fucking hell!”
They had swerved around a truck.
“What are you trying to do – kill us?”
“No – get the police’s attention…” he beeped his horn loudly.
“By driving on the wrong side of the fucking road?!”
“Yeah, shush, I hear them!”
“Back on that side – now! Now! I’ll bloody well kill you if you don’t kill us first! It’s going to be slow! Painful!” She grabbed hold of the steering wheel and yanked it towards her.
There was a loud screeching followed by a deep horn sounding; Kate saw a flash of glass, tires and red paint before it was swept away by the motion blur.
“You almost had us killed there!” Nick shouted.
Sirens played and lights flashed behind them.
“Happy now?” Kate was kind of pleased – maybe she’d be free any minute now.
“Not really, now I want them to leave.”
“You’re crazy. You’re actually an escaped criminal – a mental criminal. You’re so far along the garden path you’re climbing the bloody apple tree!”
“Tasty apples.”
“You’re like the nut the squirrel couldn’t crack!”
“Ooo, I think I definitely am cracked!”
“Fuck you.”
“Fuck you, you’re insulting me whilst I’m attracting and subsequently avoiding police! I need to concentrate – and I’m doing you a favour anyhow.”
They turned off the highway and drove into a smaller street lined with busy shops. A ray of sunlight caught them as they passed an array of al fresco restaurants and cafés.
“A favour? Sorry, I think I misheard you there.”
“Yeah, I’m giving you a holiday! No charge! Buying you dinner, drinks, driving everywhere –”
“You shot my car so we couldn’t drive it!”
“Pedantry, pedantry….”
“You drugged me!”
“You liked it!”
“I’m not having fun!”
“You’re a liar!”
Nick cut a corner into a dark side street. There were just bins and fire escapes ahead.
“What are we doing now?”
“Get anything you want to keep from the car,” Nick instructed.
“Because we’re taking a taxi.”
“You’ll find out. It’ll be nice and romantic. Birds will sing.”
Kate scowled at him but knew she had no choice. She gathered her things in her hand bag and got out of the car. She was still wearing the new skirt that he had bought her. It was too tight around the bum, but she suspected that he knew that before buying it. She awkwardly got out of the car, trying not to splice at the back.
“Right, let’s go…. That way…” Nick pointed to a gap in the building that turned out to be an even smaller street leading back to the main road.
Nick took her hand and dragged her down it. Kate complained when she had to squeeze between two giant overflowing bins.
“Ick, I’m going to smell for weeks to come.”
“Shush, I’ll buy you some baby wipes tonight.”
They reached daylight and fresh air relatively quickly and emerged as if they had never been deprived of either whilst down that dark street.
“Act normal,” Nick told her.
“Excuse me?”
“Act normal. You’re acting weird.”
“I’m being normal!”
“Well it’s weird, don’t do it. It’s off putting. Stop it.”
Kate humphed and went into a quiet sulk. Nick hailed a cab and they drove to the other side of town. Neither of them spoke during the ride. They got out outside a commercial looking building. Kate read the sign on the wall and immediately regretted exiting her apartment for the twentieth time that day. The sign read Union Bank.
“Are we actually?”
“Do I have to?”
“Just stand there and look pretty, you’ll be a star.”
“One day I’m going to write a book about all this. When I’m in prison, serving time for all the crimes you’ve set me up on.”

~ by S.G. Mark on June 22, 2012.

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