Day 272 – The Passenger – Part 14

Word count: 827

Kate going to actually vomit all over the Union Bank floor. The shiny, polished public floor that was currently being walked on by bankers, housewives, businessmen and hard-done-bys trying to get a loan to repay some form of other debt. This was worse than the time that she was chosen to lead the school play. This was worse than the afternoon before the high school prom. This was way worse than her last exam at university. The time she had eaten that bad Indian was dream-like compared to the cramps she was currently experiencing. Even the white house trip was nothing in comparison to what they were about to do.

“Just keep on moving, smile a little. Relax!” Nick kept telling her in her ear, “It’s gonna be fun! Just think of it as all those taxes you over paid or all the bank charges you had to pay on a late payment being refunded?”

“No! Oh god, I think I am actually going to be sick,” she reached for the wall and bent over, feeling faint, dizzy and started to wretch. “Oh god, oh god, please just, spare me?”

“You’ll be alright! Just, chin up! And stuff,” Nick winked at her and pulled a gun. “Right you little bastards, hand over me some money! Not much, just a bit! You’ll thank me in the end!”

Nick took a running jump and landed on the bank counter. The entire hall turned around and stopped dead.

“Ah come on, it’s just a bit of money? I need it!” he waved his gun around as if it were a pen. “Please, you know – you give it to bankers all the time. Why not me? I’m about as trust worthy really?”

The entire room was staring at him as if he were a statue that had suddenly come alive and started chatting to them about what to have for dinner.

“What? Is this scaring you?” he presented the gun towards them. “But it’s just metal? It doesn’t kill?”

He shuffled stylishly across the counter and peered down at one of the bankers, “Please? Twenty dollars? That’s all I’m asking?”

The banker looked right back at him, sweat spoiling his collar and dripping from his forehead.

“Pretty please?”

No response. He moved on to the next banker in the line, “What about you? Thirty dollars?”

The young girl’s jaw had dropped and was looking almost vacantly up at him.

“But my girlfriend here,” he pointed all the way over at Kate in the corner, who was trying desperately not to spray the entire acidic contents of her stomach all over the floor, “She is dying, nervacitis – very dangerous. She might not live to see her next meal…”

The entire room shuffled their feet in one movement at once and all stared at Kate. She shook her head trying to calm herself own at the same time. She needed to get a grip. She couldn’t have a melt down now – not now, in front of all these people….

“That’s it you selfish bastards! Give us your fucking money!”

From the counter Nick looked taken aback.

Kate rose up from her pitiful state of near-vomiting and turned on the public, approaching the counter. Nick offered his hand.

“Madam,” he hoisted her up.

“Darling, I think they should really give us some money. Forty dollars?”

“My, my this figure appears to be going up! No one seems to be paying out! Do you think that they want to give us more?”

“I think you’re on to something there, sweetie, how much do you think they want to give us?”



“Never as much as seventy?”

“Oh the things I could do with seventy dollars…”

They were dancing together, their words tapping the tango. Everyone’s attention was wrapped around them. No one was talking, moving or motioning to call the police. Then Nick suddenly turned on another banker and put the gun directly in his face.

“Seventy dollars, now or I won’t hurt anyone,” Nick breathed.

The banker immediately opened the till and withdrew note after note and stuffed it into his hand, “Here, here! T-take it!”

Nick grabbed it and winked at him, “Let’s go sweetheart, let’s go to Vegas and get married!”

Nick suddenly swooped in and planted a kiss right on Kate’s lips. Time froze. There was no one else in the world. There was no gun in his hand. They were not robbing a bank, she had not been kidnapped and she was not going to be arrested and sent to prison…. and then his lips broke apart from hers and she was was brought back to reality with a slamming headache.

“Run with me,” he whispered, his lips inches from hers.

Grabbing his hand they threw themselves off the counter and ran like children to the exit, out the door and fell into the crowd with surprising ease, Nick giggling and Kate still sensing the tingling on her lips…

~ by S.G. Mark on July 5, 2012.

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