Day 273 – Gemini

Word count: 994

“Arrggh!” Jennifer collapsed face down on to the coffee shop table. Her usual waiter, Paul, came over immediately with a gratis cup of espresso.
“Good day?” he asked sarcastically.
“Amazing! I didn’t get paid, my neighbour complained about my leaving of the garbage out on the stairwell during the night again and I didn’t get that bloody letter through the mail yet.”
Paul looked around for his manager before taking a seat beside Jennifer at the table.
“It’ll be alright. You’ll get paid by Monday, right?”
Jennifer was beyond stressed. It had been the last thing she needed. She scrunched up her dark brown hair in a knot, a testament to how she was feeling inside. For the past few months the problems in her life had been relentless. She had had to move house, get a new job, she was suffering health issues, money issues, debt issues, family issues. If the letter through the door wasn’t a bill, it was someone confirming a direct debit she had set up. It was infuriating. She just wanted a whole week reserved for sleep.
“Probably, it’s just… it’s the last thing I need right now?” She gulped back the tears, “Thanks for the coffee.”
“No problem, it’s our new loyalty scheme.”
“I think I definitely deserve it for coming in here at least twice a day.”

Paul smiled. They were very, very good friends. They had known each other for about six years and had been through thick and thin together. On his wedding day, when Jim jilted him, she had been there for him. When Jennifer’s mother had disowned her, he had moved in just so that he could be there all the time for her. They were each other’s best friend. They probably knew each other b etter than they even knew themselves.
“What about the letter though?”
“I won’t get that any time soon. I just know it.”
“But they said ten days, didn’t they?”
“Yes, but what does that actually mean? When has anything ever taken the time it’s meant to.”
“Honey, just relax. You’ll be alright. You don’t feel any worse, do you?”
“Not really, but it’s… it’s you know the not knowing? I need a match, Paul. I wish my mum would call.”
“I wish I was a match, honey,” Paul put his arm around her. “You’ll be alright.”
Four months diagnosed. Leukaemia.
It had been awful. It had been the worst day of her life. What made it worse was that her mum wasn’t around to hug her. That was all she needed. Forget what was eating her alive from the inside; forget the chemotherapy; forget the nausea she just needed for her mum to hug her.
The doctor didn’t know if it was fatal yet. They were waiting to see how she reacted to the treatment. Two weeks ago she decided to employ a private detective to trace her mother. It had been years since she had last spoken to her and she was no longer living at the same address. There was no one in the family that would speak to her either. Underhand tactics were the only way.
“He said that it’d take ten days for the letter to be sent out confirming that it was her birth certificate, right?” Paul asked.
“Yep, but who knows?”
The detective had found something on Jennifer’s birth certificate that indicated that her mother might not have been her birth mother. There was a discrepancy in the name. He needed to run a check to ensure that they were or were not the same person.
Just then the door of the coffee shop opened. A breeze swirled around Jennifer’s ankles. She didn’t take notice at first – why would she when she had more important things to think of? But then from the corner of her eye she saw her mind playing what she thought was tricks on her. The figure was the same, the same brown hair flopping over her shoulders. Jennifer turned to look at the girl directly. Her jaw dropped. Aside from the slight aging, the change in fashion styles, this woman… was identical to her.
Paul looked up and was taken aback, “What the?”
“Jennifer, Jennifer. Don’t be frightened.”
“Who the fuck are you?” she backed away from the imposter.
“It’s alright, don’t be scared. This is meant to happen.”
“Paul, can you call the police?” Jennifer was beginning to think that she had gone mad.
“Jennifer, listen you are going to be alright. You’ll outlive leukaemia.”
“Excuse me?” she had told only Paul and discussed the matter only with her doctors and nurses. “How – how did you get that information?”
The woman pulled up her sleeve and revealed white scars to Jennifer. Jennifer couldn’t absorb the information. It was too much. Her mind was going to explode, the chaos would flood in and she would no longer understand anything at all…
“They’re exactly the same, Jennifer,” the woman said.
“I know they are.”
They both looked at each other, oddly. Both strangers and sisters alike.
“I was born Jennifer Emma Symmons on the eighth of August nineteen-eighty-one to Margaret –Maggie – Symmons and unknown father. She still isn’t talking to me.”
“You’re… ?”
“Twin?” Paul butted in, as his only useful syllable amongst his stuttering.
“No. You.”
“You’re… me?”
“From the future.”
Jennifer was definitely going mad, “I’m going mad, Paul,” she added.
“We’re a match.”
“But I have it now.”
“I had it. I don’t have it anymore.”
“I’m confused.”
“My blood can save you.”
“But you’re me?”
“So you won’t reject it.”
“But I have it.”
“Had it.”
“I have it and had it?”
“One came first.”
“So how are you going to save me?”
“Because I don’t have it anymore.”
“Then how did you get rid of it?”
“Same way.”
“This always has to happen.”
“Okay then. Shall we go?”

And then the universe exploded because of the paradox effect.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 6, 2012.

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