Day 275 – Folie a Deux – Part 15

I recently re-read my stories for this series (I never read them over before posting) and discovered that I might have accidentally got my names mixed up…

Jenny = best friend
Vicky – sister

Word count: 686

“I don’t know what to do, I’m sorry. I’ve tried everything but she just isn’t listening. She won’t eat…”
“We’re going to have to force her, she can’t stay like that forever. I don’t know what happened, but right now I don’t care. I’m not going to let her just waste away.”
“What, like I have you mean?”
Catherine’s parents were downstairs arguing again. Her dad had just returned from work and asked for the daily update on Catherine’s wellbeing. She had not left her room in days save only to get water and a shower. Her phone was off, she had thrown the battery out the window. Her laptop was switched off also, though she was sure that she’d have messages upon messages from Jenny. Catherine didn’t care. These past few days had made her think more than ever about where she was going, what she wanted to do; and having a best friend that could betray her at the drop of a man’s boxers was not something she wanted in her life.

Her parents had come knocking several times a night. Her mum would always carry a plate of food and leave it on her desk. Catherine never touched it. She felt ill just looking at it. Her dad usually came in shouting at her, trying to argue her feelings to the brink. But Catherine wasn’t buying it. She would come out when she was ready.
It had been a long and tough few days. Most of it was spent gazing out the windows or lying on her bed. She was feeling even more tired, somehow, now that the exams were over. She found herself drifting off more often than normal, sometimes she even laid down to rest even when she was not feeling tired just so that she could dream. Each and every time she fell asleep, the dreams were becoming increasingly intensive. The garden now felt as real as the garden outside. The walls of the hallways, she could almost touch with her hands and when she woke, she could still smell the flowers from the garden wafting in through the open bay windows. Every time she woke up she went directly to a notepad and wrote everything she could remember about the dream. A lot of the time it would be just describing scenes; sometimes she felt something though – fatigue inside the dream, happiness, sometimes sadness and anger. She couldn’t describe why she was feeling this way. Nothing particularly happened in the dreams that would make her feel that way. There was one woman, however, that kept appearing. She never looked happy; Catherine noted the only smiles she wore were fake.
Downstairs her parents will still arguing; whether over Catherine still, she was not sure. Typical married parents, they argued every night and about the most stupid things. Catherine had grown quite attuned to it by now. Next door, her sister Vicky was being awfully quiet. Catherine could hear the occasional text coming through, but she did not move for most of the day either. Catherine was worried about that too. Despite hating what her sister had turned into, she couldn’t help but be concerned.
Was it not enough that she had to deal with exams? Could she not just ignore her sister’s problems, her parents’ problems as well as dealing with Jenny betraying her. What to do? What to think? Was time really running out?
She got out of her bed and wiped the sleep from her eyes. Grabbing the dressing gown from the back of her door, she left her room this time not for water or for the bathroom. The closer she reached them, the louder they were arguing. Before she even reached the kitchen she heard plates being slammed into cupboards. They were doing the dishes together: always a bad idea when arguing.
Catherine gently opened the kitchen door and both her parents turned around at once to look at her. Concern drowned their faces as they saw her, starved and exhausted.
“Catherine, honey, are you alright?”
“Mum, Dad, I’ve decided. I’m going to go to Cambridge.”

~ by S.G. Mark on July 8, 2012.

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  1. Yay!! Catherine’s back!

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