Day 279 – The Passenger – Part 15

Word count: 593

“Don’t say anything, don’t comment, don’t look into their eyes, don’t deliberate not look at them, don’t go to say something and then not and don’t do anything you’ll regret,” the lawyer sat down opposite Kate without evening looking at her.
He was a balding man, glasses with a wisp of a beard. He did not like he was happy or even vaguely interested to be here.

“My name is Martin and I am going to take you through what is expected of you this evening, please save your questions til later,” he stopped her, gestured with his hand to tell her to be quiet and proceeded in delving into some paper work that he had just extracted from his briefcase.

It was five in the morning now. Kate was tired. She was sure that none of this was legal. Phil had gone home an hour ago. She had had no sleep at all.

“Right, so let me get this straight, you aided and abetted a known criminal to the extent of robbing a bank, brandishing a shotgun to several storekeepers, trespassing, grand theft auto, affray –”
“That wasn’t us,” Kate snapped.
“Purchasing explosive substances, blowing up a petrol station and allowing a criminal to escape. That is quite a hectic couple of days for you.”
“It would be if half of it were true,” Kate sensed it was too late to retract the leak of guilt now though. Martin peered down sceptically at her from through his glasses, “Oh alright so I might have done some of the things, but it was totally not my fault. I was coerced. Stockholm Syndrome?”
“Ma’am, I beg your pardon, but I do not believe that one bit.”
Kate bit back her tongue.
“However, it is not my place to believe or disbelieve you. I am merely here to accept what you say as the truth and to work the law to our advantage. It matters not that you have done these things, but it will matter if there is sufficient evidence to bring sentence on you. If this is the case then it would be highly advisable that you plead guilty to all those that you cannot disprove or cast doubt on, do you understand?”
Kate nodded.
“Good, now it does help if you are honest with me, but if you are not comfortable with that, then my wallet will be either way. You pay me a wage to help you in any way, and I do. You do not make phone calls to me after hours. You do not treat me like a police officer and you do not treat me as your confidante. Capice?”
Kate thought he was being rather rude, but didn’t particularly care. She wouldn’t be in this place for very long if her plan worked out.
“Excuse me, but what is the time now?”
Martin looked at his watch, “It is precisely five eleven in the morning.”
“Ah good.”
Twenty minutes more to wait. Kate was excited. Everything was falling into place like a jigsaw. Phil had gone home. The detectives had left only ten minutes ago, no doubt home to their own families and wives. It was quiet. Quiet streets, quiet roads, quiet corridors and quiet cells. But soon this place was going to be far from quiet. Soon the sirens would sign; police running up and down stairs in panic; sniffer dogs out in force; embarrassed on-duty officers standing in line and getting shouted at from the superiors all for one girl who had somehow managed to escape…

~ by S.G. Mark on July 12, 2012.

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