Day 281 – Folie a Deux – Part 16

Word count: 551

James had received a letter that morning. It was anything particularly interesting or relevant on his current state of mood, but it had been plaguing his mind all day. Miranda didn’t know, of course. He felt guilty for not telling her, but then what good would it have done anyway? They would have argued and more tension would arise in the house. James didn’t need that. The kids didn’t need that.

It was coming to the time of year where he had to leave the house again for work. There were places to be, meetings to attend and work to do. He could not just abandon that – he loved what he did – and it was terrible that there was never enough time to do everything that he wanted. But what was he to do? Give up everything he had ever dreamed of just so that Miranda could stop nagging him?

The letter was a request from a company in the US, inviting him over to attend a conference. James was not sure. He wanted to go – it was for the environment, a good cause, but ultimately it would be seen by Miranda as yet another attempt at increasing his profile. James was nothing like that. Fortune had not fallen on his lap: he had earned every single penny of it and the curse that came with it was not something he passed over his shoulder like spilt salt.

The kids were round at a friend’s. Miranda was going to pick them up later, but right now she was in the garden tending to her precious homemade vegetables. James could tell she was already annoyed with something James had done today. He was not sure what it was or if he had even meant it, but he was sick of this. He was tired. Exhaustion was not something he could get over in a few weeks. He worked hard for most of the year. He did everything for the family. He might enjoy his work but that did not mean that it wasn’t a chore.
James was feeling tired. He scowled at his wife from the top floor window as she went about her garden doing her chores, saving her plants. James lay down on the bed in the spare bedroom. He was so immensely tired it hurt. He just wanted to sit down and forget about the entire year to come. All he wanted right now was to sleep, but for some reason it was being constantly interrupted. He kept on waking up to scratching noises, to vibrations of text messages and female voices shouting in his head. He could not explain it. Whenever he woke after hearing those noises in his dreams, the noises had instantly stopped, and no trace of their origin could be found.

James was drifting off now. Even as he did so, he could hear the scratching. It was such a familiar sound that he could not pinpoint it. What was it? When had he heard it? What did it mean? His mind was blank, he tried not to focus, but in doing so he was only focussing on what he was trying to avoid. There must be an explanation other than exhaustion for this. He would go to the doctor. He would sort it now.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 14, 2012.

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