Day 284 – Casino Royal With Cheese

Rum and three local spirits were involved. Mosele Valley, Germany

Word count: 554

The lake sparkled spectacularly in the sunset. The boat was bobbing up and down in the lake. It was calm. It was exciting. The chance of a new place, a new adventure. The mountains were a silhouette to the glorious sunset. It was the most fantastic thing that had ever happened in all the time that Max had been alive. This holiday marked the first time he was allowed freedom from his over-bearing parents that did not allow him to see the world, to feel and to enjoy. The casino lay on the other side. The potential of all that fun tingled inside him. The world was a firework waiting to explode.
“This is fantastic, Frank,” Max said, taking him around the arm and holding him with the dearest of hugs. “I’ve never been here before, thank you for taking me here.”

They were somewhere else entirely. There were no other tower blocks of flats, there were no industrial areas. It was beautiful in every way. Forests blanketed the grassland hills and tucked in the snow to the higher tops. It was magnificent. The age of the hills mattered not. The rain pit-pattering on their heads were nothing. Anything and everything was perfect.

They were taking the boat to Evian. The shore lined up their horizon. The gentle bob of the boat was comforting. Their bottle of sneaky rum and coke brightened the journey. As the boat pulled into dock, the sun twinkled and a hundred people departed and joined the shore of France. The casino, their promised land, shone in rich neon colours ahead of them. This was where fortunes were going to be lost.

They entered the building; the shiny man in black and white greeted them as if he were a penguin. It was going to be awesome. The drinks might be expensive, the slot machines might not throw out much, but it was going to be the best time of their lives. Frank wore a dress. He was a cross-dresser, like Eddie Izzard, but no one cared. Max certainly didn’t. He was fine. He liked that Frank wore dresses.

Frank went up to the counter and spoke some weird lingo of French, English and German. The man seemed to understand and let them in. Frank them immediately exchanged his money into smaller calls and started on the low-value machines. He lost. He lost. He lost. Machine after machine ate his money. But Frank was determined. In the twenty-fifth machine, he won forty euros. In the next machine he won sixty. He was on top of the world. They ventured, he and Max, out on to the shore of Lake Geneva and bought some chips and coke. IT was the most amazing time of their lives. They went back in and waste more money on drinks and having an amazing time. They made a song and bout a pizza, fell asleep, went to three-thousand-five-hundred-metres high and rode a rollercoaster, played mini golf and ate expensive chips then they returned back home to their hotel room and then made an eight hour journey to their hotel room and then went to Cochem, drank some spirits and wrote some songs and stories after trying to balance on a bit of wood attached to another bit of wood by some chains on both ends.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 17, 2012.

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