Day 285 – Folie a Deux – Part 17

Word count:592

Catherine was packing and folding clothes into two piles. One for the charity shops, one to keep. It was a strange time. Her room looked empty, even though much of belongings still remained. She had taken down the posters she was going to take with her and boxed away all the books and films she wanted to keep.
There was a month yet to go until university, but she had nothing else to do in between that time. The weather had been awful: torrential rain or dull clouds so there was no enthusiasm to go out. With the horizon now brightening with the promise of a completely new direction in her life, Catherine was feeling mildly happy. The exam results, though not known, would be in soon. They didn’t matter though: she had gotten in already with her scores. Her mum was going to take her shopping next week – maybe she’d get a dress or some shoes. There were things to look forward to, but the present was not much to wake up to every day.
Catherine had made no contact with Jenny since that night. Jenny had called, texted and come round to the front door numerous times, but Catherine either ignored her or refused to speak to her each time. Her mum was concerned. She kept asking Catherine what it was that they had argued over. Catherine did not want to say. It was still too raw and still too painful. But she could not deny that she didn’t miss Jenny. Her best and only friend was gone. Vicky didn’t speak to her at all. Catherine had no one to turn to when she was feeling low and she was feeling low a lot recently.
The doctors still had not been able to cure her. For much of the day she would like and sleep, mainly out of boredom. There was an element of intrigue, however, as the strange house was growing ever more familiar. Catherine could now swear she was hearing things in the dreams. Noises like music or people chatting. Nothing was coherent enough to be distinguishable, but it was odd hearing it. She did not mention any of this to the doctors. They would have thought she had gone mad. But she still continued taking her pills. They did not make any difference. She would wake up tired and sleep two or three times throughout the day too.
On this particular day, though, she was feeling so tired. Jenny had just sent her a text, apologising once more. Catherine threw the phone down on the pillow and yawned. She then lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. It was time, she knew it. Closing her eyes, she was asleep within seconds. The power of the house entrapped her immediately and she was standing in a bedroom, rain pouring outside the window. She could hear the sound of the drops, smell the newly cut grass. She was standing across from a mirror, which was slightly askew against the wall. She could not see directly back at herself, except the odd and seemingly incorrect reflection of her arm. Instead of her own feminine arm she was staring at the reflection of a strong and slightly hairy one. She wished she was able to turn around as she pleased and see who else was in the room, but she could not. All she could do was sit and stare straight ahead, the tiniest of fears tingling inside her that the arm in the mirror was indeed her own.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 18, 2012.

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