Day 289 – Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space – Part 5

Word count: 584

A week had passed since Tom’s discovery. His wife had not contacted him in all that time, unlike she had promised. Instead, he had moped around in the phone, dangling off the whisky bottles in the vague hope that she would ring. He tried calling her,but her mobile was turned off. He tried crying, but Jack just slapped him. He knew Tom was stronger than this.

Jack’s life had been pretty straight forward, considering. His brother had not called about Regina, though he had texted that he he was now back in the country. Everything was nice and peaceful. This was the reason Jack loved living in the country. Summers involved nothing but relaxing and chilling in his backgarden, sipping some vino or cider or sleeping the evenings away. His friends would occasionally come round and they would drink the night away and he would forget if the weather was sunny, hot or rainy. It did not matter. This year, though, it mattered slightly. Jack was irritated by his boss’s behaviour. Tom was not normally like this. Mind, his wife did not normally leave him. Jack could not even begin to empathise. Jack’s longest relationship lasted three months and even then the latter two was long distance and involved occasional texting. Jack was a bit hopeless with commitment. There were certain things that women wanted that he just wasn’t willing to give; love, commitment, loyalty. Jack was complicated. He would never do any wrong by anyone, but at the same time he didn’t want to do wrong by himself. Being with a girl for longer than a week meant effort and energy. He wasn’t interested in that right now: he wanted fun and new adventures. The same girl to share that all with felt strange, almost weird. Girls were meant to be hidden from the fun. Adventures were meant to be made with friends, not females. Not attractive ones at least.

Presently, Jack was pouring a drink and miming to some song that someone had put on the jukebox. It was a fun and relaxing evening at work. Tom was hovering in the corner, looking brighter than normal, but still being weird and strange. Dan was just being irritating. Jack was having loads of fun despite it all, though. But Tom was still irritating him. He was moping around as if it were the end of the world and Jack’s happy mood was being marred by it. Jack decided to approach his boss about it.

“Tom, you have to grow out of this…”

“Jack, my wife had just left me. I need to kill the bastard she left me for. That’s what I asked of you. I’ll even pay you for it.”

“You’ll pay me to do what, exactly?”

“Kill the bastard!”

“I’m not killing anyone for you. Sorry.”

“Beat the crap out of? Come on Jack, I thought you would do anything for me!”

“Not get arrested by the police and sent to jail, Tom! There has to be another solution?”

“Then find her, bring her home. You have to. I can’t stand life without her.”

“I know. You’ve been propping up this bar for far too long.”

“Please, Jack, please. She might listen to you. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I deserve to know. Please can you do this for me? Please? You don’t have to beat him up I swear, but if you want to and the chance is there…”

“Oh alright then, I’ll beat him up…”

~ by S.G. Mark on July 22, 2012.

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