Day 291 – No Vacancy – Part 2

Thought I might try revisitng some old parts!

This one is pretty, pretty terrible. Sorry.

Word count: 596

The morning brought a piercing sunlight into her room. Bex had risen early and had gotten showered and dressed very quickly. There were several people in reception already, mainly guests. A couple were arguing with one of the girls on reception. She seemed flustered. Bex took this as a chance to mark her ground.
“There was some there – I don’t give a flying you know what if you think the door was locked. I saw the asshole!”
“Calm down, sir, let me phone security…”
“Sorry, can I help here?” Bex asked the girl at reception. Her name read Myra. “My name is Bex, I’m the new manager at this hotel.”
“Yes, as a matter of fact you can! Someone’s been in our room – my wife’s clothes have been moved!”
“Oh dear, well we have to sort this immediately. You say your door was locked?”
“Yes. The intruder clearly had a key.”
“Right, well we will get you into an upgraded room, free of charge. The rest of your stay will also be free of charge. Myra, what’s the best we have on the books?”
“Uhm, it’s…. room five-one-four.”
“I’ll get a bell boy to come and escort your belongings to your new room. I’ll accompany you now to ensure your safety while packing your things right now.”
“Why thank you, thank you,” the couple said, very pleased with their outcome.
They took the lift. Bex saw Myra squint a bitchy glance to her other colleague. Bex knew what it was like to have someone new come in and change things, take over. She hoped that the atmosphere wouldn’t spread, at least too much.
Bex got off the floor that the couple were currently staying in. They showed her to the room. There was something odd – she noticed it instantly, as soon as she crossed the threshold. The room was neat and tidy, clearly they had tidied it that morning before leaving.
“My wife’s things were just here on this chair – then they had moved – to here by the window, see!”
His wife’s necklaces and earrings had clearly been moved.
“You say you saw the intruder?”
“Yes, but he moved quickly. I would have said he was a boy.”
“A boy? I’m very sorry about this, please do accept my apologies on behalf of the hotel.”
“I’m just glad we don’t have to sleep in this room tonight!”
“I assure you that we’ll do our utmost to ensure your safety – and the safety of everyone in the hotel – this won’t happen again.”
“I should hope not.”
The man gathered their belongings together into their suitcase. The woman hovered awkwardly by the en-suite.
“Is that an English accent? She asked Bex.
“Yes, it is. I just moved over here last night – this is my first day on the job, so to speak!”
“That’s really amazing. Miami will be a cool place to live and work!”
“I hope so. It’s a little daunting being this far from home.”
“I love England. I absolutely love it. I could spend hours poring over the histories there.”
“Yeah, it is full of history and stories…”
The bell boys broke the awkward conversation. Fortunately the man had just finished packing their stuff and the bell boys were able to scoop the bags up and take it straight to the elevator. Bex allowed the couple to go ahead of her. She scanned the room as she was about to leave. A chill went through her body, as if a shiver of flu had just struck her. She moved on, shutting the door behind her.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 24, 2012.

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