Day 294 – Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space – Part 6

Word count: 607

The red brick house had a yellow door and a willow tree leering over it. It was a perfect little country house; nice garden, nice neighbourhood. It was twenty miles away from the village the Jack lived in, though Jack had never visited it before himself. There was not much in the way of life around the village save the usual amenities of church, small shop and a public phone box.
Tom had found the address of the man his wife was now living with through a combination of online social networking, stalking and the phone book. Jack was here to bring Gail back home. He was under no illusions that it was going to be easy or straightforward, but he was still going to try for his friend and boss. Tom had been there a lot for Jack. It was time that Jack repaid him, or at least attempted to.
Gail had always been a bit of a frosty woman. Jack never felt like she relaxed around anyone but Tom. She was a little younger than him and had kept herself well – all that money Tom had given her for moisturising products had been well spent. The man she had run away with apparently owned a winery in a nearby town. This cut Tom beyond anything. Tom the pub owner was not good enough; she wanted more than that, she wanted the luxury of a wine-bar owner. Tom had ranted for about two hours on how he probably had a Porsche or a swimming pool in the back garden.
Jack rang the doorbell. It took only a few seconds for Gail to answer. She did not look best please to see Jack.
“Oh no, not you, I don’t have time for this?” Gail rolled her eyes. “I told Tom, no.”
“Listen, please come home with me. Tom loves you. He loves you so much.” Jack pleaded with her.
“I have nothing to say to him,” she went to slam the door, but Jack caught it with his foot.
“Listen, he gave you everything. He worked all his life so didn’t have to. You’d be a wrinkly poor mess with a smoker’s cough if it were not for the fact that he gave you thousands to look good. You’d have never have gone on holidays, done anything with your life…”
“How dare you say that!”
“Tom told me what you were before he met you,” Jack had been told by Tom many years ago that Gail was so poor that she was on the verge of prostitution.
“Get out of here before I call the police,” Gail threatened.
But from behind her there was movement.
“Who is it, honey?” a man’s voice called.
A young looking man with very smooth chin and prominent arm muscles came into view at the door way.
“Ian, just go back in please,” Gail instructed him.
“What’s going on?”
“I’m a friend of the husband that you stole from,” Jack introduced himself.
“Oh shit,” he sighed, “Just get out please. Gail is happy with me. And tell Tom to stop calling Gail.”
“You knew he was still calling me?” Gail shot around anxiously.
“Yeah, sorry I knew you didn’t want me to know. But he can’t keep on calling you…”
Jack was feeling very angry. He looked at the two of them, having their first little argument over something so trivial. The relationship was clearly just physical. Jack stepped forward and – remembering Tom’s wishes – landed a hard fist in Ian’s face. It was at the point when Ian returned a blow twice as powerful to Jack’s chest that he regretted his actions.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 27, 2012.

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