Day 295 – In Virginia, they – Part n + x (where n is a positive integer and x is an integer that does not equal n)

Wrote this one at a wedding, had no internet to upload the post on time.

Word count: 566

Jerry woke up in the early hours of the morning. They had been staying at Karin’s for two days. There had been no sign of the tomato-zombies for a while. They felt safe. Karin was an excellent host. She made them food every day, made sure they were safe. But it was strange in her house though. It was so full of mystery and dust. Jerry had been so interested in the house. Karin had shown them round the place. She had inherited it from her parents when they had died in a car crash twenty years ago and had lived there ever since.

Tanya had been nervous the entire time they had been there. She was not confident that the three of them would be able to stave off an attack if they advanced on the house. Karin reassured them both that they would never be attacked, though never gave the reason why. They had never approached the house in the entire time. But Tanya was still not settled. Jerry tried to reassure her, but she was still keeping watch on the grounds around the house.

“There’s no one out there,” Jerry tried to persuade Tanya.
“I don’t care what you can and can’t see. I know my own father. He won’t stop. He will never stop.”
Jerry could no longer console Tanya. He was fed up of being inside and went outside. Karin was in bed and Jerry just wanted some fresh air. It was dusk, possibly the most dangerous time of the day, but he was beyond caring. It was as if his city-born fear had departed him and he was as the protagonist in action movie film.
The sun had fallen down behind the forest a few minutes ago. The warmth of the day was fading as fast as the sunlight and Jerry held a glass of one of the last bottles of one Karin had. He was just wondering around what used to be a chicken pen. Though he felt eyes watching him, he was still going to wonder around. He needed to think, to breathe some fresh air.
There was a shed round the corner. He had not seen it from the main building and wandered over to it. It seemed much bigger close up than it did from afar. He assumed that it contained wood or something, but inside through the window he couldn’t see any wood. He was curious. He opened the door and it squeaked. There was coal and bits and pieces and stuff that did not seem very important.
But Jerry ventured in further. This shed seemed bigger than what it had done on the previous impression. In fact, it was descending into the earth. Jerry was even more curious. What was this place? What was at the end of the passage? Was it something she wanted to hid? Was it an escape route? What was down here?

Pretty soon Jerry had found the thing that Karin was hiding. It was a huge capsule, a tank or a life support machine. There was a man in it; breathing in bubbles and as stationary as if he were a picture. Jerry stood still. The face said it alone. The man was intoxicated. This man, whoever he was, had drunk the tomato juice: he had succumbed; he was part of the zombie-tomato race. He was human no more.

~ by S.G. Mark on July 28, 2012.

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