Day 302 – The Spy – Part 7

Word count: 570

Harry and the man escaped into the crowd at a traffic light somewhere just off the central London area. He vaguely recognised it from his days of living in the capitol, but he did not have time to take in the scenery as they dived into a shopping mall entrance. It was crowded in there, they could get lost quickly.
But Harry felt bad. He didn’t want to bring his fight in here. With every child he passed, every young couple and old woman browsing the shops for a new pair of shoes, their first dress, their first bra; he felt guilty. They could be followed in here. He did not know what kind of people were following him. They could have no worries about opening fire here; about murdering him in front of all these children.
“Hey,” he pulled back the man who was leading him, “Can we go somewhere, more discreet?”
The man brushed his hand away, “Don’t worry. These people just want you. They don’t want these. Don’t worry.”
Harry was not comforted, “I don’t care. I won’t risk it.”
“Listen, Gary’s is not that far. We can’t afford to deviate now. He will only wait for you for ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes? Who is this man? I want to know where I’m going.”
“You’ll know when you get there. Now hurry, we don’t have much time.”
The man went ahead, seeming to not care whether Harry followed him or not. Harry hesitated. He could so easily walk away from this, figure things out on his own; he wanted to, he always preferred working alone. But there was something about this Gary that was intriguing. What did he have for Harry? It could be anything, could even be a trap. He wasn’t used to this anymore. He felt like a retiree trying to remember his training from forty years ago. What if he made the wrong choice? He never used to think like this. He used to dive in and make a choice. He used to make snap decisions within seconds of death without regret or without fear of mistake.
Harry bit back his aged fear and followed. It could lead to death, but it could lead to something else, some answers.
He caught up with the man. They went left the shopping mall at the other entrance. It was a lot less busy on this side. There were mainly shop back doors and car park entrances on this side.
“Is he close?”
“He will be able to see us now.”
Harry looked all around, searching for someone, a sniper?
“What does he have for me?”
“I do not know. I was only asked to get you. We are going into this car park now.”
They walked up the ramp, passed the man at the ticket booth and up to the second floor. It was largely full here, only a few spaces remained. As they approached a black car, two men came out.
They wore black suits, typical. No one blended in anymore.
“Harry,” one of them extended a handshake.
Harry did not return it, “Who are you?”
“I think Sam here has introduced me as Gary. I will go with that.”
“No, I mean who are you? What do you have for me?”
“What kind of information?”
“The men that are following you,” the man began to light a cigarette, “They have your future wife.”

~ by S.G. Mark on August 4, 2012.

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