Day 310 – The Salesman – Part 6

I’m sorry, these stories are getting worse and worse. I’m becoming numb to them all.

Word count: 587

Empowered: that was how he felt the next day. Kicking his wife out had been the best decision of his life. He went to sleep in his own bed last night – after thoroughly washing the sheets. He ate his dinner in bed and watched whatever he wanted on the little TV in the room. This was what he should have done months ago – if not years.

Brian strolled down the stairs and into his car and drove straight to Senility road. His first mission of the day was not to make a sale, but to sort out the weird woman he had met yesterday. He felt sorry for her in a way, but at the same time he couldn’t let her call him like that whenever she wanted. Brian was in half a mind to call the police – but upon reassessing the situation, calling them for the reason that a mad old bat with too much money was trying to get him to kill her ex-husband was a bit far-fetched, so it was probably the best course of action to park outside her house, get out and ring her doorbell.
He heard her shuffling to the door in her slippers.
“Ah you’re here!” she said, as if she had been expecting him by appointment. “Do come in, I’ve just baked some cake. Do like carrot cake?”
“Er, no I won’t come in…”
“But you’re here about the job, are you not?”
Brian’s heart sank. Could he really tell this to the poor woman? Had she really no relatives to burden herself? Did it have to be him to clean up someone else’s family mess? He stopped himself thinking like that. It was a woman in need – he needed and should help regardless of how much of a stranger she was.
“Carrot cake would be lovely.”
Deja-vu, they were in the same room as yesterday. Cake was being carried to him accompanied by tea on a little silver tray. Brian was not sure whether or not to leave the cake, there might be something in it. He felt like he was in a film – though comedy or thriller he could not decide.
“There’s plenty more if you want another slice…”
Brian noted that she was not eating.
“No cake for yourself?”
“Oh no, I’m on a diet.”
“Then why bake cakes?”
“Well what else do you do when you’re old?”
“Fair point.”
“Now, let’s talk business. Do you want half the money now, or all before?”
“No, no, no I am not here for that. I’m here to talk…”
“Talk? What do you want to know about your task then?”
“No, you don’t understand. I’m not going to actually kill your husband. I’m not going to do anything to your husband. You’re very ill, I’m sorry to say. I think you need to seek professional help?”
“Help? Help? I’m perfectly sane. I just want my cheating-backstabbing husband killed, is there anything wrong with that?”
“No, not necessarily, but well… you can’t do it. It’s illegal. You can’t ask people to kill your husband – not for any amount of money…”
“Oh I know it’s not exactly legal, but I can’t do it. I need someone to.”
Brian was despairing.
“If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine I will get someone else… but it’s fifty thousand dollars. You would be insane not to…”
“I can’t, I really can’t….”
“What if I got you to do something smaller then?”
“Like what?”
“Stalk his wife. Make them scared. Same price…?”

~ by S.G. Mark on August 12, 2012.

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