Day 315 – Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space – Part 10

Word Count: 809

Jack was hurtling through the forest as if the Zombie Apocalypse had arrived and he was first on the menu. A mile had gone by before he took breath and stopped. He bent over, panting and looking behind him – he knew that no one was following him, but his dull, over imaginative mind was jumping up and down with the possibility of … the chase.

Adrenaline hurtling through his veins, he was so pleased that the distance between him and his brother and sister-in-law was increasing by the second. No more would he have to deal with their disapproving looks or their inappropriately happy demeanour and most of all he wouldn’t have to put up with the awkward conversation as to why he had accidentally bedded Emma’s sister.

Where he would go from now was still a bit of a puzzler however. There was always Tom, who would be more than happy to take him in – but at the same time his newly-re-acquainted wife would have something to say about it and Jack didn’t want to be the one to jeopardize what they had only just managed to get back. Staying at a hotel was always an option, camping out under the stars too; but the reality was that he had forgotten his painkillers and despite his positive mental attitude to his great escape, he was starting to feel the effects of the cocodamol wearing off.

Still, he thought, he was not far from anywhere in this part of the world. If he continued walking along he was sure to find some lovely little inviting cottage that would feed him up and ensure he had a bed for the night. Jack could always sneak back to his house under cover and get his prescription whilst his awful family was not looking.

It was a pretty night. Husky grey clouds drifted quickly across the sky, briefly blinding the stars from sight. There was a swift cold wind, blowing from the North; the trees swayed, bravely taking the brunt of the chill and sheltering Jack from the worst. Jack loved these woods. There was always a sense of adventure, whenever he came out here.

“Jack! Jack?”

The goblins were calling his name. Jack gritted his teeth in anger, how had they managed to follow him? He tried to judge their distance by their voices, but the woods were too dark and dense in places that it was simply too difficult. They could be ten feet behind him for Jack knew. But it was time to move on regardless. Jack straightened himself up, took a few breaths and carried on through the woods.

The voices grew quieter as the darkness grew stronger. Soon Jack was unable to see his own feet in the thick fern bushes around his ankles. Shit, had he gone too far? Why had he done this to himself? Why were there not time machines to remove awkward family? Why could he not have simply braved Hell and gone to bed? Why had he not just taken all his sleeping pills?

A movement behind him. Jack reeled around to catch a glimpse. His eyes could not see anything in the grainy black. Again, something to his front. Deer, no doubt. These woods were hardly known for their bears or wolves. Jack took a few steps forward, still Neolithically cautious that there were two pairs of eyes watching in him some docile form.

He continued forward, despite the dark, and soon found himself climbing a slight hill. It was a little muddy and his feet slipped a few times, but the chance to see a clear sky at the plateau clearing that he could see just a few minutes away, was definitely worth it. He soldiered on, wet mud patch after wet mud patch. Finally he reached the clearing and stood in utter wonderment at the vista. It was a feast for the eyes. It was a fountain of beauty. A million guzzling stars twinkling in a impenetrably dark sky. Ever since he was a child he had been fascinated by space, the great beyond – the future, aliens, and other worlds. He always thought it was a shame he was never going to see those things in his lifetime, but he always had those dreams.
Another movement in the trees ahead and again behind him distracted him from the Galactic wonder. A flashing light swept across his face, he could see nothing but an intense white. All he could think of was that his brother had finally caught up with him; but the next second the white light was gone, all was black and there were no stars for him to see; and just as his feet realised there was no grass beneath them, his head crashed against something hard and most likely metallic and he knew of nothing more.

~ by S.G. Mark on August 17, 2012.

One Response to “Day 315 – Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space – Part 10”

  1. wow!….Jack… a turn for the mind-blowing?

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