Day 317 – Folie a Deux – Part 24

Word: 756

“James, James?”
It was either dark or his eyes were closed. The room was spinning; was he drunk? He groaned in pain. “Jonny?”
“Yeah it’s me, come on, get up from the floor,” James felt a pair of hands try to pick up him.
“Ah! No, pain, pain,” James felt a sharp pain in his chest.
“Sorry, you hurt?”
“I, I dunno, where am I?”
“Half way down the fire-escape stairs. Looks like you’ve had a fall, James. Does your head hurt?”
James opened his eyes, “Well I can still see?”
“Let me check your head for any wounds,” Jonny ferreted through his hair checking for blood and bumps. “You’re alright.”
“Yeah, but my chest is agony,” James complained.
“Want me to get a doctor?”
“Nah, I’ll be alright I think. How did I get here?”
“No idea, it’s like three a.m. We’ve been out on the streets searching for you.”
“Last time we heard from you was about ten o’clock, and you were meant to nip upstairs to call Miranda and come back and join us…”
“Yeah, yeah… I remember now… I don’t, I don’t remember calling Miranda though?”
“Man, did you slip something from the mini-bar? Actually, if you did you’re even more of a lightweight than you used to be! They never stock anything strong enough to get drunk on!”
James grabbed the bannister and pulled himself up.
“You sure you don’t want to get checked out by the doc?”
“Yeah, yeah I’ll be fine… I probably just slipped or something.”
“Or something. You know you’ve been looking really tired recently…”
“Yeah, I’ve not been sleeping great for a few weeks – guess it’s just home-lag.”
Home-lag: the energy drain to adjust to living back at home after being away for several months at a time.
“Know what you mean, just don’t overdo it.”
They walked back up the stairs to James’ room. Jonny escorted him in and began dialling the guys on the phone.
“Yeah, found him. We’re back in his room now. No, no, hotel actually. Looks like he took a fall. Nah he’s alright.”
James slumped on his bead. This room was spinning too. God, he felt drunk. He felt so drunk – but he hadn’t touched a drop had he? He discretely eyed up the transparent mini-bar: nothing had been touched.
“Hey, hey you’ve still got your wallet right?” Jonny glanced over, still on the phone and looking concerned.
“Oh, uh, erm,” James felt around in his back pocket for it. “I’ve not got it?”
Panic set in – had someone attacked him, robbed him in the stairway?
“Oh you dope, it’s here on the floor,” Jonny picked it up from the foot of the bed.
“Oh, right cheers.”
“Why hadn’t he taken his wallet? He always took his wallet…”
Jonny finally got off the phone, “Hey, the guys wanted to come over and check up on you but I said you were pretty tired and wanted to some sleep.”
“Cheers Jonny, thanks.”
“No worries… Listen, if you need someone to talk to…”
“Oh god enough of that soppy bullshit! We’re fucking rockstars!”
Jonny laughed, “Sorry it’s middle-age breaking in, I can’t help it! I think it’s got something to do with the fact that we’ve all got greying hair, expanding waistlines and children…”
“Oh god, to forget about all that for one day…”
“We do! We’re here in New York!”
“Another day, another interview!”
“It’s fucking exhausting, isn’t it?”
“It was so much easier when we were young, free and single…”
“And talented.”
“What the fuck are we going to say tomorrow?”
“Not a clue.”
Jonny sat down on the armchair.
“I’ve thought about being a recluse.”
“Yeah, we’d sell more records that way. Mysterious geniuses.”
“Yeah, that’d be us.”
James sighed; the room was slowly coming into focus. A throbbing more akin to a hangover began a samba in his head. The words were on the tip of James’ tongue. He wanted to say it, his heart was pounding against his chest for him to have the courage to say it, but his lips remained closed. Jonny was his best friend: his oldest friend. He was close to the guys, but he was closer to Jonny: why couldn’t he just open up and say it? He was blacking out; he was having strange dreams… was he scared Jonny’d just say he was being stupid? No, it was something else. It was more than just embarrassment. James was scared that there was something more serious going on.

~ by S.G. Mark on August 19, 2012.

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