Day 320 – Half Hour Hitman – Part 24

Word count: 588

The Half Hour Hitman was once again remaining silent. Andy had so many questions since the man had told him the lie about his parents. Over and over again in his mind he fought the doubt in his mind with reason and logic – there was no possible way that the hitman could be telling the truth.

They were on the road again. Mid-afternoon easy flow traffic. The beer had been nice, comforting. It was a welcome taste after six months of incarceration. He
“Where are we headed?” Andy broke the silence.
“I can’t tell you that,” the hitman continued to drive.
Andy sat back. The hitman was exhibiting no signs that he was going to reveal any answers. There was nothing he could do or say to make the hitman do anything when. The hitman only revealed what he wanted Andy to know. Andy recognised that trait by now. He was a man so private that Andy was sure there were parts of his brain that knew very little about the other segments.

Another hour or so passed. No words were spoken between them. Abruptly, however, the hitman pulled over into a parking bay at the side of the road. They were miles from anywhere. Trees hung over the layby. It was very pretty. A quaint English road.
“Why have we stopped?”
The hitman did not answer Andy’s question but instead took out a phone from his inner jacket. The hitman hit a button on it and handed it to Andy.
“A man will answer this phone. You may answer all his questions to the fullest of truth and the best of your knowledge.”
“What? Who is he?”
But the hitman never got a chance to answer. He handed Andy the phone, it was already dialling.
“Hello?” a man on the other end answered.
“Hello, erm…Hi.”
“Who is this?”
“It’s… I’m Andrew Hawkins.”
“Oh my god. Are you alright? Are you hurt?”
“No, no I’m not hurt. Can’t say I’m alright though. Who are you?”
“I’m DI Fortrose. I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.”
“Police? But – but -?” Andy turned to the hitman.
The hitman motioned for him to continue.
“God I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to finally hear your voice. Don’t let the Half Hour Hitman know I said that, I mean I trust him… ach he probably already knows.”
“You knew he had me?”
Fortrose sighed, “Yes. Yes I knew. I’ve known for some time.”
“And you did nothing about it?”
“It’s for your own safety.”
“My own safety? That’s the same thing he keeps telling me!” Andy felt odd saying this in front of the hitman, but he seemed to be alright with it.
“Yes, I know it sounds complicated and completely wrong, but you have to trust this man. He is saving your life. As long as you are with him, you will be alive.”
“Why aren’t you helping me?”
“The case ran cold, Andy. I can’t investigate unless I can prove you are in danger.”
“But I am!”
“Only if you leave his company, at least for now.”
“But my parents – they think I’m dead!”
“Trust me, that is an easier solution for now.”
“How can you say that? How can you agree with him! You’re a policeman!”
“That I am, but I do not have the power to help you. You need him. He saved your life for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, when he eventually tells you, you must believe him.”

~ by S.G. Mark on August 22, 2012.

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