Day 322 – In Virginia, they – Part n – where n is any integer you can think of!

Word count: 683

“I suppose you think you’re clever,” Karin’ voice trilled the air behind him.
Jerry reeled round, cold dust spiralling the dark around him. He could not think of a reply.
“My husband, Adam. Fifteen years we’ve been together, ever since high school. I couldn’t just let them take him…”
“But, but he’s one of them now?”
“I know, I know… but he’s here with me,” she walked up to the tank and caressed the glass. “He’s stil in there. I can sense it.”
Jerry stepped back a bit, sensing the free exit.
“How did you – how did you know to keep him like that? In there?”
“We thought of it together, before they came. We made an agreement to one another – whoever gets taken, goes in the tank. It would have been me that night if he hadn’t have intervened, if he hadn’t have saved me. That man is a hero.”
“That man is a monster!”
Jerry had blurted out the wrong thing. Karin’s eyes narrowed and he saw that her fist had clenched around the handle of a knife that had been stuffed discreetly into her jean pocket.
“Monster? Monster? Look at you? Wandering in from the big city – if you’d have just driven on you wouldn’t be here and it would just be me and him alone. That’s all we want! But you had to stop, you had to meddle…”
“I didn’t want to stop!”
“Meddling! That’s what her father did! Don’t think I don’t know all about it – all about her and her dirty little secret. You think you know Tanya?”
“I barely know her at all!”
“Well think again. Do you know what she is?”
The door behind Jerry creaked open. The slender figure of Tanya stood in the hallway, exhaustion exuding from her shadowy eyes and gaunt face.
“Please don’t tell him,” she asked weakly.
“Don’t tell me what?”
Jerry looked back and for the between the girls.
“What is going on?”
“Karin please don’t. We need to fight together. We need to beat my father at all costs.”
“Aye, we do. And how many of us in this room actually want that?”
“All three of us,” Tanya replied adamantly.
Jerry was lost. The girls were staring at each other so intensely that he might not be in the room any longer and his presence would not have been missed. As it was, however, another presence had not been missed. Jerry’s heart jumpstarted when he saw it. His throat tensed with fear and a fine sweat dripped from his brow. The tank door was open.
“Shut up!”
“Karin – no you don’t understand!”
“Shall I tell him, Tanya?”
“Oh god, Karin – Karin!”
The zombie-tomato-Adam had, from the shadows, launched himself towards his wife with something heavy clutched in his hand. The object fell hard on Karin’s head and she plummeted to the floor.
Jerry, initially stung with fear, was jolted into action when Tanya had grabbed his hand and propelled him forward. His lasting memory of Karin saw her writing body stilling as the man who used to be her husband looked up hungrily at him.

“We gotta go, we gotta run, we can’t stay here.”
“I know that! But where do we go? We’re surrounded, aren’t we?”
Jerry and Tanya were sprinting across the garden and into the house.
“I don’t know – just gather what you can in provisions from inside. I’ll stay out here and look for some transport.”
Jerry dived into the house, anticipating an attack at any second. He raked through all the cupboards in the kitchen and found what he could in dried or tinned food, stuffing it into a canvas bag he’d found on the side table. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This place had been a haven from all the danger they had faced – and now it seemed that there had been no true escape from it after all.
But despite the imminent danger and the urgency to leave the island of hospitality, his mind was plagued with only one question: what had Karin tried to tell him about Tanya?

~ by S.G. Mark on August 24, 2012.

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