Day 323 – It’s Bad

word count: 553

The music was epic. The music was enthralling. It was the stuff of legends. It was the stuff of myths.

The shuttle rumbled. Alyssa, the youngest of the crew was scared.

“It’s alright, everyone feels the same, you’re the youngest and want to protect you.”
“But I’m alone and no on knows me.” She was a blue asari and know one could argue that she knew her well enough.

It was that time of the decade. The racism had not yet taken over in the race for survival, but it was still there. It was on everyone’s table if not his. It was major issue. Survival.

It had been three days since they last lost contact with Earth. For once, Dave had actually been on earth when they lost contact. He had sen the explosions. He had seen the death first hand. It haunted him. Why had he survived? To fight on? What for? The universe was dying, what was the point in trying to survive?

Geoff had been through it all on earth. He had lived through the debates and the fights. They served no purpose. They had come early, regardlesss. What else was there do to? They seemed to not want to fight? They seemed to want to do it alone?

Geoff met one in a strange twenty-first birthday party, though he did not know it at the time. He thought he was meeting like mindeded individuals, instead he was meeting monsters who devoured his soul for food. There was nothing Chris could do. He set it up. He didn’t realise that the game was dangerous. He diddn’t realise that it would kill people.

Sunrise dawned. Laughter was found. Lifeless bodies were laughed upon as if they were fallen soldiers in battle who would rise again. Except they would never rise again. They were dead and nothing could remove that fact. They had taken too much of this and too much of that to stave off the on coming threat on the world. What was he to do? He could not lie to those who were dying. He could not say that it was all going to be okay to those would not survive the fight?

Geoff was the leader of the strong. Geoff had to tell it like it was, no matter how desolate the hope. He took to the stage whenever it was necessary. He voiced his concerns whenever it was appropriate to do so. Australia would die without a fight and he made sure of it.

“Australia! This is what freedom is all about! The right to discover! The right to enlighten! The right to find new places and teach them of what we have learned! Do not forget that as we enter a new battle! Do not forget that what we have done. On our knowledge we have travelled to the stars. We have fought difficult wars. We have made our unknown sub-countries’ proud.”

The speech finished to an iconic cheer like no other before it. The cheer lasted as long until the weekend. There was no patriotism that could fail it. The world had finished the first of the invaders. What was there to stop them but the raw courage and determination that had stopped it before?

~ by S.G. Mark on August 25, 2012.

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